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Your homes front lawn presents an excellent opportunity to create a beautiful and serene landscape. Many homeowners agree that it is vital to give thought to a custom built home’s curb appeal. Turfgrass takes the experience a notch higher offering more than an outdoor, plush carpet to any given property. Given that turf is so commonplace in our landscapes, you would be forgiven for turning a blind eye to its numerous benefits. Take care not to overlook this home improvement. Read along to discover why turf is such a big deal.

Environmental Benefits

Did you know that grass plants do absorb and utilize greenhouse gases? This goes a long way in counteracting the ever-growing climate change concerns. Turf also has what it takes to stop air pollution in its tracks, and even generate the better part of the oxygen that we inhale. In fact, a 50 square foot lawn generates a whole year oxygen supply for a four-membered family. You will be glad to hear that lawns have what it takes to prevent chemicals from finding their way into soil profiles. Mowing offcuts left on the lawn as well as the natural shedding of leaves and turf stems adds enormous amounts of treasured organic matter to your soil as years go by.

Climate Control

Turf is the best definition of a natural air-conditioner. If you doubt this, do a comparison between standing on turf and standing on pavement. The comfort and temperature difference is without a doubt measurable. Turf on eight front lawns offers a cooling effect enough for 15 average homes, equivalent to more than 60 tons of air conditioning.

Economic Improvement

Lawns are a sure fire way of improving property value by up to 20 per cent. If you have always wondered of a way to improve curb appeal, you can never go wrong with turfgrass. This is a secret that real estate agents know all too well, and they will encourage clients to have properly maintained turf and landscapes to sell faster and at a higher value. If what most property managers say is anything to go by, proper landscape maintenance is a sure bet when it comes to lower vacancy rates and tenant satisfaction.

Erosion Control

Grass is probably the most pocket-friendly and efficient way to keep erosion at bay. Before any raindrop disturbs your soil, turf will be there to intercept. What is more, instead of runoff, turf inclines more towards water percolation. Truth be told, were it not for turf’s water-holding ability, our drainage infrastructure and streams would simply be overwhelmed. It is along the same lines that you would lose your fertile soil in case the turf biomass lost its efficiency in terms of slowing water runoff.

Dust Filter

Smoke particles and dust in the air gets trapped whenever turf is around. It is on this basis that turfgrass serves as an efficient filter for the air we inhale. This is sweet news to the ears of any city dweller where trucks and cars generate dust every so often – the dust in this case doesn’t move any farther after getting trapped and soaked into the soil.

Injury Reducer

You will agree that there’s no better sport surface in a custom built home than a properly maintained turf area. Turfgrass has what it takes to suppress any physical impact to reduce injuries. Thanks to how turf provides cushioning and traction, this is certainly a better option as compared to bare soil or even artificial grass.

Final Word

exterior of single story home with large tree planted amidst even lawn of turfgrass

Taking the comfort of your custom built home to a new level isn’t as hard. If this has been something you have always wished for, turf is definitely a great place to start and above are reasons why.