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A real estate agent or builder can come in handy and help you to succeed if you are searching for a piece of land. If you’re thinking about buying a lot for building a dream house, this consultant can help you avoid the most common pitfalls and make wise choices. With such invaluable insight, you will end up with a great lot for development without surprises, now and in future.

Why should I look at the subdivision plan?

One of the foolproof ways to avoid frustration when buying a lot for development is to look at the subdivision plan. Unless you examine the subdivision plan, you cannot get a clear picture of the proposed developments. Do not be deceived by the existing boulevard of trees unless you verify that the planner has incorporated them in the final masterplan. You might buy a lot next to these boulevard only to realize that your new neighbor will be a busy shopping mall or gas filling station. If a railroad adjoins your property, will you be able to get enough sleep at night? Home builders know how to interpret the masterplans, and are the first to know whenever the municipality makes some revisions on the subdivision plans. Sometimes, people buy land for speculation purposes, in the hope to dispose the property for top dollar amounts. By maintaining constant communication with your homebuilder, you can get crucial information on the proposed developments that can add value to your land. With such information, you will know where to buy land for speculation purposes.

What is subdivision control?

Subdivision control is the concept whereby the council develops a subdivision plan in cognizance of the local codes and property laws. This plan takes several issues into account, including lot sizes, riparian reserves, road reserves, areas for future development, recreational areas, and public amenities. Subdivision control helps property buyers to have peace of mind that the estate will develop according to the plan, without any surprises. Without subdivision control, a neighbor might decide to build a motor racing facility, denying you the ambiance and peace of mind that you deserve.

What are Property Setbacks?

Property setbacks are the guidelines that stipulate how close to the boundary you can build. In some cases, these property setbacks can be highlighted on the plan as building lines. By taking the property setbacks seriously when building, you can avert a demolition by the council. Taking the building lines seriously is the only way to fight against the city’s bulldozer and win. Your builder knows how to determine the property setbacks, meaning that such a consultant can help you to determine the size of your house in relation to the total size of the lot. In addition, the builder will help you to orient the house in a manner that maximizes the available space and create several pockets of recreational and utility space.

Can a builder help you to avoid the construction pitfalls?

Once the schematic design is completed, it is quite easy to set out the house and begin the construction process. In addition to finding the best piece of land, a builder can help you during the construction process. There are plenty of challenges during construction, and in most cases, you will have to grapple with several issues such as the topography, accessibility, views, and stormwater management.