Wallpaper is back, and better than ever! Forget those old boring patterns and hard to remove wallpapers that made the whole experience dreaded and cumbersome. Modern wallpaper comes in an array of patterns, designs, colors and is easier to apply and remove.

modern kitchen all sleek black appliances with white counters and black geometric patterned backsplash
Geometric style wallpaper can be applied to any area to add a subtle glamour to the entire room.

For home improvements ideas, here are perfect trends to consider.

Kids Wallpaper

Kids wallpaper can be classified into three; girls wallpaper, boys wallpaper, or unisex nursery wallpaper. It is available in different designs, colors, cartoons, and drawings – go with whatever makes your kid happy. Many children enjoy wallpaper that depicts their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes.

If you like, you can match the kid’s wallpaper with the beddings and curtains. Also, consider choosing wallpaper that matches with the overall style and color scheme of your home. Kids wallpaper should be age specific and changed regularly as the kids grow. This wallpaper is fun and dramatic; it is a must-have for every kid’s room.

Butterfly Wallpaper

Made to capture the beauty of butterfly wings, this design effortlessly improves the look and atmosphere of your room. Try butterfly wallpaper in your spare bedroom or washroom. The delicate flurry of wings opens up seemingly smaller spaces. Butterfly wallpaper can be enjoyed by all ages. Coupled with its durability, this style wallpaper lends itself to a bedroom you can age with. The trick is to choose one with patterns and color that match with other items in the room. Try dull colors for the male room and bright colors for female room to add a tad more of the wow factor.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Cover your ceiling with a patterned or white embossed ceiling wallpaper to reflect natural light. You can choose any design that suits the color theme of your living space. A black and white ceiling, for example, will not clash with other colors; it is neutral, thus perfect for all rooms. Ceiling wallpaper will add depth and texture to your gypsum ceiling or boring slab. Why not bid the norm goodbye and bring your wallpaper up to the ceiling? It will complete your room and can also be the main design feature of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room or the entire house.

Wood Effect Wallpaper

Wood effect wallpaper is easily one of the most adaptable and versatile wallpaper designs. It is common today to incorporate natural elements such as wood into your homes interior design. This wallpaper creates a warming effect that is hard to find elsewhere. Modern rustic theme is a great option for your home interior décor. It works well with beige or white colored light wood.

There are a variety of wood effect wallpaper designs in the market today. Consider the color scheme of your room when choosing a style. Too light of wood effect wallpaper will overpower a bold color scheme, while too dark wallpaper can make your room look dull. The right balance, however, gives your home a natural element that is simply unattainable with paint alone. If your interior space isn’t as appealing, wood effect wallpaper is something you need consider.

Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper offers more than what meets the eye. A low ceiling will look taller in a room covered with vertical stripes while horizontal stripes visually widen a narrow space. Big prints stripes wallpaper will open up your small room. Visual illusion is generally what striped wallpaper does for a room and by so doing creates a timeless and eye-catching statement.Consider which of the variety of colors and designs is best suited for your custom home. Blue and white stripes wallpaper offers a breezy and crisp effect. The beauty of this wallpaper lies in its width, color combination, and application. If you get it right, the results will be thrilling.

What Next?

Home improvement is incomplete without a touch of wallpaper. Use any of the wallpapers discussed above for a more classy, warm and beautiful home.