Thanks to the high degree of customization, a home renovation has what it takes to make you fall in love with your house all over again. This is the best way to get your living space feeling new, fresh and different. Now that there are two ways (partial and complete house renovation) to go about this, deciding on the most appropriate can be arduous. Time to learn tips that will help prevent you sitting on the fence!

Can You Do Without The Kitchen Or Bathroom?

A full renovation means that some crucial areas like the bathroom and kitchen won’t be accessible. You’ll need to order takeaway or make arrangements for a makeshift kitchen lest the family goes hungry. What’s more, things can get tricky if you only have a single bathroom as you never know when the contractor will knock at your door. Remember that all these are additional expenses that can snowball into a bloated budget.


Renovating one room at a time comes with minimal disruptions now that construction is limited to one area. This is a big advantage now that renovation will take place without interfering with your entire living space. On the same vein, the mess is limited to the area(s) getting renovated. On the other hand, a full home renovation means you will have to deal with all the disruptions if you’ll be living in your home.


You’re bound to enjoy a better cash flow with phased renovation now that a lesser amount is required upfront. The fact that you will be paying as you go is a huge benefit in today’s harsh economy. Phased renovation is a great way to strike a balance between avoiding financial difficulties and keeping the project going.

This is not to say that complete renovation will flush your hard earned money down the drain. On the contrary, this is the best way to save money in the long run considering that services such as plumbing are payable on an hourly basis. There’s no doubt that full renovations save more long term if you’re willing to pay more upfront!


Truth be told, a home renovation is no mean task and there are times when home owners don’t feel like taking in so much at a go. If this sounds like you, then renovating one room at a time is the best decision you can ever make- this will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed as compared to undertaking the project in one sweep.

Kitchen Renovation Calgary

It goes without saying that renovating your home offers advantages such as value addition and many more. However, it is essential to figure out the best approach to get the best result. The foregoing will help you decide!