A home renovation is a major project that can cause quite a mess temporarily in the rooms being renovated. Organization is the key to better control the chaos. When you are ready to pare down, following a few simple steps makes your job easier.

Make Accommodations

When you’re remodeling a living room or bedroom, temporarily modify how you use other rooms to accommodate. For instance, a secondary bedroom serves as a safe place for your kids to play, or the corner of the living room might make for a suitable office if you plan to work from home. Plan for this in advance, and let your contractor know about your plans. This makes it easier to live through your renovation with the least amount of disruption.

Gather Essential Items

When a bathroom is renovated or the kitchen is remodeled, it can be difficult to access necessary items that you normally store in these spaces. Gather these items in advance to prevent them from becoming lost as your home is in disarray. Temporarily relocate them to a room where they can be safely stored and are easy to find. Gather your keys, chargers, toiletries, tape measure, and important paperwork. That way you can continue to have these items on hand whenever they are needed.

Secure Your Valuables

Although you hired builders that you trust, it is important to secure your valuables. This prevents them from becoming lost in the shuffle. A safe deposit box off-site is an excellent option for storing jewelry, important documents, or sentimental items.

Consider Your Daily Routine

When building your Alair Homes Calgary property, consider your daily routine. Plan for how you can get more done or safe time throughout the day that your family can work, play or interact without being inconvenienced by the remodeling professionals. Some ideas include setting up a portable cook station if your kitchen is under construction. Stock up on plastic utensils and paper plates to avoid having to wash dishes.

If you are completing a home addition or larger renovation, it is often helpful to find a temporary place to stay away from the property. Your pets may also need to have a safe place to stay temporarily. A hotel, family member’s home or a friend’s spare bedroom are some options.

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Declutter the Outside

Your home renovation will likely include having materials or equipment moved in and out of the property. To make this process easier, de-clutter the outside of your home. Remove toys, lawn equipment, or tools before a construction team begins working on your property. Rent a dumpster and toss anything that you no longer need, or coordinate a yard sale to sell off extra items. When possible, move vehicles away from the driveway to make getting in and out of your home even easier.

Decluttering the rooms that will be remodeled also makes it easier for your subcontractors to navigate the spaces. The less time they have to spend working around the items in and around your home, the faster construction can happen.

Taking the right steps to prepare your home for construction helps you to stay organized and avoid unnecessary delays. Work with your Alair Homes Calgary general contractor as you plan for construction, and develop a game plan to make renovating your home easier and more successful.