In most custom built homes, whether traditional, modern, classic, or luxurious, entryways and staircases tend to be given little to no attention. Rarely do prospective homeowners talk about the approach they plan on using when designing the entryway or staircase.

Do not make this mistake. Foyers play a critical role in both the style and functionality of the home. They create great first impressions and set the mood for viewing the house.

Additionally, decorated foyers improve yard landscaping, add lovely accents, and beautifully connect the interiors with the outdoors.

Tips for Beautiful, Value Adding Entryways and Staircases

The following are three quick tips to help you design and build gorgeous entryways and staircases to boost the aesthetics and value of your custom built home;

Begin with Functionality and Style

The three factors you need to prioritize here are; size, scale, and sequence of the foyer. Even for small spaces, aim for a 4-5 feet wide foyer. As for scale, try to ensure that the size of the foyer compares favorably with other elements in the space. Sequence is all about designing the foyer in such a way that guests know where to go next.

Another key consideration is architectural style. In smaller homes, the foyer is purely functional, often going straight up. But in larger homes, foyers can be used to add to architecture, typically curving gracefully within a separate hall, past windows and window banks, and up to the next level.

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Create a Focal Point

Different homeowners prefer different focal points. Some choose artwork, other prefer lights, and there are those who love fresh flowers to be the focus of attention. What is it that you want your guests’ eyes to be drawn to when entering your home?

In a small home, a small table would work excellently. Add a lamp on the table as well as picture frames and a few books. For a splash of color, a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers would come in handy. You may also want to consider placing an armchair next to the table to give the foyer area a comfortable yet elegant feel.

Round off with Classy Finishing Touches

From treads to lighting, colors, and decorations, you need to be at your creative best to come up with that unique foyer for your custom built home. For treads, a great option is hardwood. To carpet or not is a personal choice. For lighting, chandeliers and large pendants are worthy considerations that will add tangible value to the home. With regards to colors, bright options such as red and blue work best for active families, while calmer options such as grey are better for quieter homes.

Finally, decorations are mostly personal. But, universal options such as runners, rugs, artwork on the walls, and wallpaper should be strongly considered.

Need Professional Advice?

While designing your custom built home, take some time to focus on a style for your entryways and staircases. By doing so you create a dynamic space that can truly change the way you view your home. Alair Homes is here to help guide you confidently through this process. Contact us to speak to a design and construction professional.