Getting ready to renovate your house for the first time sounds great, but it can be tricky to do successfully. Renovating your home isn’t something you just do to pass the time or change a few things. It is a lifetime investment that comes with great expectations and proper planning. Cost is not the only factor to consider when planning for a successful home renovation. Other parts of the planning stage and process are equally important. Let’s take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts that can lead to a successful home renovation.


Understand the Downsides

Renovating or refurbishing a house is a great process, but it comes with some idiosyncrasies. You need to identify the specific home areas that get colder than others during winter and the additional insulation they need. Get to know the plumbing systems and structural walls in the house. If you understand the downsides of the renovation project, you will come up with a cohesive design. Should the property you intend to renovate be newly built, understand its layout and approach its renovation with fresh eyes.


Neutral Colours

The neutral colours you choose when renovating your house help determine how beautiful it looks upon completion. Soft greys, frosty whites, and warm beiges are some of the admirable neutral colours home designers suggest trying to eliminate decor and design boundaries. Such neutral colours give you leeway to go with the rustic, classic, or modern design styles you want. Many home buyers find houses with neutral walls more attractive too.

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Avoid DIY

Some people consider home renovations a weekend do-it-yourself project, and this often leads to some expensive mistakes. If you have the best interests of the renovation process in mind, consider working closely with a qualified and experienced contractor. A common mistake is to make home renovation a DIY project to save on money. However, instead look at the potential financial loss, damages, and complications you may experience without the advice and guidance of a qualified professional.


Avoid Different Finishes

Most different finishes are lackluster, unappealing, and they easily create confusion. Just use one or two colours in more common areas like a renovated bathroom, bedroom, or custom kitchen. Gold and chrome make great finishing and give your rooms timeless looks. Let a professional decorator or designer help you pick out the right accent pieces, accessories, finishing and furniture to complete your look.

A ‘Do It Yourself’ approach is not the best when it comes to home renovations as you might not know the right buttons to press. Not every renovation idea that you have in mind will make your house appealing. With the dos and don’ts above in mind, it’s easier to renovate the right way and create a finished product that you’ll love. For more help, contact Alair Homes and schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation.