Even if you’re someone who enjoys DIY projects, it’s best to call in an expert during certain parts of a remodel or custom home project. When safety or resale value is on the line, it isn’t worth risking the outcome of the project. Here are ten areas where you may want to consider hiring help for your remodeling project.

1. Roofing

Roofing is a time sensitive task and should be completed quickly to avoid any issues. To avoid exposing your home to rain and other damaging elements, leave roofing jobs to professionals.

2. Plumbing

Simple plumbing jobs are probably well within your reach. However, before completing any job, consider how much your time is worth. Would you trade several hours of your day to install a new system? Do you have the tools available or would you need to purchase or borrow them? It’s up to you to decide which jobs are worth your time, but consider hiring someone for the jobs that are time-intensive and tasks you don’t enjoy completing.

3. Masonry

Generally, masonry jobs involve working around or with a structural element. Since anything structural involves a safety risk, don’t take the chance. Alair Homes Aurora has professionals available to take on the various projects you need to be completed.

4. Any Structural Element

Building a custom home involves several crucial components that will determine its stability. The foundation of your home is not something you will want to DIY – leave beams, headers, and footers to an engineer.

5. Wallpaper

One misaligned seam can take a potentially beautiful focal point and turn it into an eyesore. Ruining your wall treatment is easier than making it look good. Don’t waste the money you spent on nice-looking wallpaper. Get it right the first time by hiring a professional and save yourself a headache or two.

6. Painting

It’s true that painting is a simpler job than many of the tasks mentioned on this list. That being said, prep work and clean up before and after a large painting job can easily take up an entire day. Calculate the amount of time you believe it will take to finish your paint job and decide whether it’s worth hiring help.

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7. Electrical Work

A bad wiring job is a one-way ticket to a dangerous situation. Avoid a safety hazard and call a professional unless you have considerable experience completing electric work.

8. Insulation

Insulation leaves no margin for error. It’s an incredibly messy job and even a single, small gap can lead to issues with heat and moisture retention. Additionally, contractors who deal with insulation projects usually get a much better deal on their materials than you will and they will pass on those savings to you.

9. Carpentry

You might have a lot of experience with carpentry work, but consider the amount of time it will take you to complete your project. Building a custom home often involves a number of advanced carpentry jobs like built-ins, cabinetry, and shelving units. Professional carpenters will be able to get the job done cleanly and efficiently.

10. Tiling

Different tiles install best different ways and unless you’re confident in your ability to install your chosen tile so that it will withstand years of wear and tear, bring someone in to do it for you.

If you are planning on building a custom home or renovating your current home, contact Alair Homes Aurora today to talk more about your project!