The Luxury of Color in Your Custom Home Kitchen

A custom kitchen can be a true source of pride for any committed designer. Kitchen design that’s simultaneously contemporary, breezy and cool isn’t exactly the simplest thing to come across, after all. If you want to give your kitchen an effortless yet polished feel, you should think about all of the colour choices that are on hand for you. The finest kitchen design aficionados are the individuals who don’t live in fear of colour experimentation.

Photo by Alair Homes AuroraMore kitchen ideas

Update Your Kitchen Appliances

An old refrigerator can be noisy. It can lead to premature food spoilage. It can even look shabby. If you have a tired old refrigerator that has taken on a yellowish or light brownish look, it’s time to update it and take an “out with the old and in with the new” approach. Modern refrigerators are accessible in some of the most mesmerizing and interesting colours these days. A colorful refrigerator can make your kitchen in general look and feel a lot more interesting, too. If you have a kitchen that mostly consists of neutral colours, think about investing in a refrigerator that’s light blue, baby pink, red or pale green. You don’t have to limit your appliance color experiments to your refrigerator, either. You have no reason in the world not to go for a blender, a microwave oven or a mixer in a rather unusual yet pleasant colour.

Place Floating Shelves on Your Kitchen Walls

Kitchens aren’t only there for functional purposes. They’re also potential aesthetic powerhouses. If you want to set up a custom kitchen that’s simultaneously efficient and attractive, then you need to get your hands on floating shelves for your walls. The inclusion of a floating shelf can decrease kitchen clutter in a big way. It can free up precious space inside of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Floating shelves offer extra bonuses that have absolutely nothing to do with storage, clutter and convenience as well. These shelves empower people to draw attention to some of their most beloved possessions. If you want people to see your most enduring antique plates, you can put them on floating shelves. Think about putting your most colourful and noticeable items on these shelves.

Invest in a Kitchen That’s Rich in Greenery

Greenery is stunning out in nature. It’s just as stunning inside of a custom home kitchen, too. If you want your kitchen to be reminiscent of nature and of lush and thriving greenery, introduce some lovely plants. The presence of plants can do a lot for your mood while you’re cooking and eating. It can also give your kitchen hints of green coloring and beyond. Some examples of plants that are commonly seen inside of stylish and cool kitchens nowadays are snake plants, aloes, spider plants and ferns. People who want to introduce colour and gain access to herbs can focus on herb gardens. If you want your kitchen at home to feel like a sanctuary of sorts, nothing beats plants.

There are lots of ways to add colour to your custom kitchen, and the professionals at Alair Homes Aurora can help you navigate your options and pick the ones that are right for you. Contact us to discuss your project and schedule a complimentary consultation.