More people want to connect their house to the yard to increase the visual appeal of the setting. By connecting the two spaces, it creates a larger environment that feels spacious. When you want to connect your outdoor setting to the inside of your home, Alair Homes West Vancouver offers a few important tips to follow.

1. Use the Right Paint

You can paint your window frames to match the garden doors. Paint any of the wood that is present to add a bit of extra charm that is traditional and blends in well with the outdoor setting.

2. Use Metal Frames

Consider using steel door and window frames to incorporate extra character into the space, which was a popular look in the 1920s and 1930s. You can add a concrete floor to match the frames with wood beams and white brick on the walls to make it flow into the backyard well with the design. The unique style will make the room feel more connected to your outside patio.

3. Add a Dining Nook

A dining nook that is close to your yard will allow you to take in the views as you eat meals each day. Build a split-level back room that includes glass balustrade to avoid altering the views of the outdoor space and make it feel as if you’re outside.

4. Add a Window Seat

Adding a window seat is an alternative to using sliding glass doors to enjoy the views and open up the back of the house to a garden. A window seat will offer an extra place to lounge inside while feeling as if you’re outdoors in the colder months of the year. The seat can include a cushion that makes it easy to spend time relaxing next to the backyard.

5. Go Deep

You can renovate the back of your home by adding a deep window that is an interesting architectural feature. It will add extra visual interest to the room and will draw more attention to the views. You can consider this option instead of extending your glass doors across the entire back of the home to break up the space and extend the view that is available.

6. Give Attention to the View

Avoid taking away from the views of the outdoor property by creating a monochrome color scheme in the kitchen or back room that is neutral. If you have a limited amount of light in the room, consider adding reflective materials or mirrors that allow more sunlight to bounce off of the walls or countertops.

Avoid hanging curtains or heavy shades on the windows to avoid obstructing the view and closing it in. If you want to use window treatments, opt for sheer curtains that have a light material that is used.

7. Free Up Extra Wall Space

Freeing up space on the walls can allow you to enjoy gazing outside while spending time in the kitchen. The frames can also be painted the same color as the walls to help them appear less visible.

When you’re looking to connect your yard to your home, there are several ways to blend the two areas. With the right steps taken, you can create an impressive property that you enjoy showing off to your guests.