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West Vancouver custom homes & renovations

West Vancouver is a stunning community nestled between sea and mountain. It’s filled with diverse communities that are home to retirees and young families alike. When individuals look to build or renovate in this area, they pull influences from the striking scenery of the North Shore Mountains and the crashing waves along Marine Drive, and they turn to the experts at Alair Homes to make their perfect living space.

Each project begins with a free quote and honest discussion

Alair Homes in West Vancouver is owned and operated by Chris Black and Rich Goodfellow. Chris has many years of experience designing and building custom homes, and a specialized knowledge of zoning bylaws and green building standards that are important in this naturally-minded region. Rich listens to his clients and offers advice that helps them to transform their homes into the perfect living spaces. Our extensive trade relationships allow us to negotiate outstanding deals on high-quality materials and workmanship that we pass on to our clients. All pricing and contract information is shared with homeowners through the use of our intuitive project management software. This commitment to transparency results in superior finished products and satisfied clients.

If you are considering a custom home, major renovation or home addition, give our West Vancouver office a call. A free, no obligation consultation and detailed quote awaits you.

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Did you know?
  • 84% of people spend more time with their family after completion
  • 89% say family life has improved and are closer together
  • 42% do more entertaining
  • 54% of kids have higher grades and increased activity
  • 80% feel much more relaxed in their new custom home
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Our guarantee
  • 100% Transparency
  • Customer portal to view/approve estimates & see progress
  • A Client Control® model. See and approve receipts.

Custom home building & home renovation faqs

If you have any specific questions, feel free to chat with us (down below) or give us a call!

  • Can we walk through your show room or visit a model home?

    Each of our projects is as unique and diverse as our clients, which is exciting for us and important to our clients. However, if we have a project under construction, and we have the permission of the client we would love to show you a project in action! This is a great way to assess a contractor as you get to see things from the inside out. For Alair Homes West Vancouver, this is also an opportunity to show what makes our approach so unique and what makes Alair such a different kind of contractor.

  • How experienced are your project managers?

    Since the success of your project relies heavily on strong management, we are extremely selective and hire only the best project managers. Our project managers receive extensive and ongoing training on a weekly and monthly basis. The success of our business is built on the strength of our project managers and we are proud of the highly skilled team we have assembled at Alair Homes West Vancouver.

  • What is your typical cost per square foot?

    Cost per square foot is a very poor way to gauge the cost of completing your custom home because it is only relevant if you are comparing the exact same home plan and fitted with the exact same fixtures. Alair Homes West Vancouver will not quote on a per square foot basis because we understand that if you are going to achieve total satisfaction from building your own custom home, you deserve to understand the true cost of your project that matches your goals and specifications. This requires a thorough budgeting process with a knowledgeable construction professional with past experience in your type of project. This process does not take long and is the surest way to give you the confidence you need to understand what the total cost will be before the project starts.

  • How accurate is the free estimate?

    It is as accurate as the information that we have been provided. This is why we spend all the time necessary with you to obtain every selection, review every drawing, and discuss every aspect of your project during the Design and Estimation phase.

  • Does Alair Homes West Vancouver provide fixed price or cost plus contracting?

    We have developed a hybrid system known as Client Control™ that is the best of both worlds! We establish fixed prices from our trade partners and suppliers that create cost certainty plus you receive 100% transparency and control via an overall cost plus model. Please watch our video explaining Client Control™ and also download our report outlining the benefits of this revolutionary method.

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