The Fraser Institute did research on the best elementary and high schools in Canada. Their Research was based on the performance of schools in academics over a period of five years. They compared the six schools in Victoria to know whether their academic performance is improving, declined, or maintained over the past five years. Their report showed a detailed report on the school’s performance over the five year period.

Fraser Institute reports on the best elementary schools in Victoria and showed rankings as follows:

Quadra Elementary School

Ecole Quadra School is a vibrant and diverse community of learners. Their mission is to meet the needs of all students within a safe and caring environment. They achieve this through striving to provide the best education for all their students. They provide the students with the best programs such as English and French. The students are also introduced to many sports and arts. They have sports programs that provide opportunities in fields such as cross-country, basketball, soccer, rugby, and track. Their art opportunities include performances by professional groups, dance instruction for grade four and five students, music instruction for kindergarten to grade three students, a chance to participate in school choir activities, a strings program for grade 5 students, and an opportunity to play in their ukulele club. They have a strong learning support team that includes a unique First Nations program for academic assistance and cultural awareness.

St Margaret’s School

St Margaret School comes second on the list. St Margaret School is an all-girls elementary school in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Their motto is Service with Love. St Margaret offers classes to students from junior kindergarten to grade 7. They provide empowering education for girls at all levels. They provide students with support and challenges they need to grow and excel in middle school and continued success to grade 12.They ensure that girls get every opportunity to acquire the skills and attitudes to achieve in their studies, career, and life at large.

Oaklands Elementary School

Oaklands Elementary School is a vibrant community with a population of about 440 K-5 students. They have their motto as “Take care of yourself, take care of others, take care of this place.” They provide students with activities such as fine arts, athletics, and core curriculum activities such as math, language arts, social studies, and science. They also offer classes on social responsibility, French classes for grades 4 and 5, health, and career. They also have extra- curricular activities such as knitting and soccer. They also invite guest performers to teach and entertain the students.

Oaklands Elementary school in Victoria, BC

Selkirk Montessori School

Selkirk Montessori School offers care to students. It is a competitively priced private school for students up to the grade 8. They have trained staff and outstanding programs such as music and French. At Selkirk Montessori School, students are allowed to learn at their pace through guided exploration. Students learn from their experiences enabling the own the knowledge they gain. The students at Selkirk Montessori are equipped with confidence, self-discipline, and the love of learning.

Macaulay Elementary School

Ècole Macaulay Elementary School has been a fundamental of the Esquimalt community. They provide both English and French programs for students from kindergarten through grade 5. Macaulay provides a unique experience for its students. Macaulay continues striving to build a strong tradition and long lasting legacy.

Discovery School

Discovery School is a ministry of education school which specializes in meeting the needs of children with learning disabilities. They have skilled, experienced teachers and structured learning programs that are designed to help every child. It’s a family-based school where teachers, parents, and students work together for the children. They monitor each student’s progress to ensure challenge, success, and build self-confidence for the students to recognize their potential and self-worth.