Mike Holstein

A beautiful balcony is one of the highlights of your home. It can become a cozy nook or a compact garden depending on your taste and preference. There are so many simple and economical ways to transform your balcony into the kind of space you want it to be. Balconies often serve as an outdoor space you can design according to your creativity so that it becomes a perfect spot for relaxation. Your balcony can be a minimalistic, contemporary space, or a roof-top affair or maybe you’d like to work with some funky arrangements. When you finally choose what you want from the vast number of options, the next step will be to actually start working on your balcony. The first step, if you will, is flooring. Whatever theme you choose, you want your floor to match as well. You can use different materials to give the flooring the kind of style you need ranging from modern, stylish and chic to creative, economical and natural.

Artificial Green Flooring

You might be quite familiar with this kind of flooring. It gives your balcony a lush green feel. It is economical and quite easy to maintain. Not to mention it is quite environment-friendly. Despite being artificial, it looks quite realistic and you can team it up with some pebbles, planters and some flowers to take up the overall look a notch higher.

Wooden Decks

If you have set your heart on a roof balcony, then it’s best to go with a wooden deck flooring. It gives your balcony a classy look. It comes in some marvelous hues and patterns and gives a warm, natural touch. It is easy to maintain and comes at a reasonable cost. Not to mention it is quite attractive and with just the right lighting will become your favorite spot to relax in the evenings.

Patterned Tiled Flooring

If you have a slightly bigger balcony, you can design the floor using patterned tiles. You can go for a chessboard pattern, or maybe some light, warm shades. You can even experiment with several types of tiles such as stone tiles, or even terracotta tiles. You can put out some patio furniture, some plants and if you go for stone tiles, you can even grow small plants in the spaces between the tiles.