Mike Holstein

If you are planning to resell your house and make good money off of it, it might be a great idea to carry out a little renovation on your property before listing it on the market. You would be surprised to know how a simple kitchen remodel can add considerable value to your house and translate into lucrative returns. Here are a few interesting tips to renovate your kitchen the right way for attracting suitable buyers to your property.

Steer clear of unnecessary investment

Most homeowners end up making the grave mistake of making massive investments on their kitchen alone that are beyond what their entire home value could support. For instance, if your home value is $300,000, you really cannot expect to achieve adequate returns for a kitchen worth $65,000. The idea is to not waste your money on statement installations such as a chandelier which might not have any appeal for a potential buyer who doesn’t go with your style sensibility.

Go Minimalistic

While the trend for designs schemes and bold colors might come and go, the neutral monotones are timeless and can fit into any and every kitchen style. Although the idea of choosing a neutral color palette for your flooring and countertops might seem bland and boring, it can prove to be your most profitable investment in the long run.

Avoid Superfluous Luxuries

Do you think that a separate freezer unit for a refrigerator or a dedicated pizza oven is really that great an investment to upgrade your home value in any way? The fact is that all kinds of superfluous accessories such as built in hibachi grill and coffee makers and exotic wooden cabinetry are deemed as unnecessary clutter by most prospective home buyers who are looking for a functional kitchen more than anything else.
Most importantly, open up the spaces and create a more organized atmosphere around your kitchen. You would be surprised by how a simple remodel of your layout can payoff in terms of cold, hard cash!