Mike Holstein

More people now than ever are embracing the ‘green’ lifestyle and willing to do their bit for conserving the environment and creating a more sustainable world for the future generations. If you too wish to give an eco-friendly makeover to your office space, you might benefit from our list of interesting ideas for creating a sustainable workspace. Have a look!

Print Less

While you might have already heard of this a million times before, we cannot really stress enough the importance of reducing paper wastage in conserving the tree cover of our planet. Regardless, there are a lot of people who still make injudicious use of their office printing paper. Use cloud based technologies such as the Google Drive to save and present your important documents instead of handing out boring paper files.

Reuse office supplies

Instead of tossing out empty disposable pens in the trash can, switch to reusable pens that can be refilled for continuous use. Try and keep a log of your office supplies and reduce the consumption wherever possible. Do not make reckless use of paper (even if it is recycled) and then throw it away after scribbling a few lines on it.

Use power smartly

Instead of relying solely on recessed light fixtures in your office, let the natural light flood in. Open up the blinds and let the soothing rays of the sun warm up your office space. Turn off the printers and photocopy machines when not in use to reduce standby power consumption. Consider using solar power for both long term energy savings and an eco-friendly workspace. Install motion sensors and LED lights wherever possible.
And finally, transform your office into a ‘green’ retreat by placing indoor potted plants around the premises. Indoor plants such as the Peace Lily, Ficus and Snake Plant are natural absorbers of air pollutants and provide fresh oxygen for healthy breathing