Mike Holstein

A loft is a clever way to increase usable space without having to expand your house. A loft usually refers to the attic or upper story in a building, that is the space directly below the roof. However, designers have taken the concept of lofts and blended their ideas with them to come up with some exquisite designs. Here are five amazing loft designs you will love instantaneously.

Kimberly Peck Architect –Minimalistic Design

The minimalistic design you see now was originally a historic landmark made from cast iron. The lower floor consists of a living room, kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom. The upper floor is a bedroom with a mezzanine library where you can keep your favorite books. Whether you want to read or work, you won’t have any trouble reading as the entire space is well-lit due to large frontal windows.

Trendland –Chic Rustic Design

Don’t be fooled by the rustic exterior look of this brilliantly designed building. One look inside is enough to convince you that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. With minimal coloring and modern furniture, the loft looks sleek and classy. All the areas are well lit and you have enough room for various activities.

MSR Architecture Firm –Urban Style design

Located in Philadelphia, this urban styled loft was a result of MSR’s renovation of the city’s naval shipyard. Home to Urban Outfitters, this remarkable space was designed to be modern, hip, and up-to-date with the current trends. It was aimed to improve the quality of work life for Urban Outfitters employees.

Apartment Therapy –Magical Garden Workspace

If you love having plants inside your home, take a look at Snog Production’s workplace in California gain innovative ideas. The office space was originally a carpet dying factory in 1925. The workplace is divided into two floors; the lower level gives a greenhouse feeling whereas the upper floor feels like a home.

Thomas Griem –Traditional English Style St Pancras Penthouse

Originally this loft-based penthouse was one of London’s landmarks, TG Studio’s St Pancras Penthouse. Thomas Griem, the architect for this loft, followed English heritage guidelines to design this contemporary multi-story space. It is one of the best penthouses in Central London.

One look at these gorgeous places and you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Perhaps you can draw inspiration from them and come up with designs of your own!