Best Neighbourhoods in St. Albert For Renovations or Infills

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard that St. Albert (Alberta) is a fantastic place to live (Daily Hive – 2022; McLean’s – 2019; MoneySense – 2017), with a strong sense of community, top-rated schools, vibrant Arts & Culture, and plenty of green space, parks and outdoor activities to enjoy.   

If you’re considering renovating a home – or building an infill – in the area, you may be wondering which neighborhoods are the “best” choices. Of course, there is no single definition of “best”, but we have a bias toward the older, established neighborhoods of St. Albert.  

Each has their own characteristics, but generally speaking, St. Albert’s Established Neighborhoods have larger lots, more mature trees and larger green spaces. The houses themselves are also “older”, but there lay the opportunity for renovations, or even building an infill to have your dream home in these Established areas. (Note – The City of St. Albert has specific bylaw requirements for major renovations and infills in  

Established Neighborhoods (City of St. Albert Infill Guidelines. ) 

Here are five of the most popular neighborhoods in St. Albert that are great options for renovations, along with some information to help you get a sense of what each neighborhood has to offer.  

  1. Mission is the original neighborhood of St. Albert dating back to the 1860’s.   Situated on the north bank of the Sturgeon River, Mission housed the original St. Albert Catholic Mission and area school.  Currently Mission homes are situated on some of the city’s largest lots.  Existing Single Family homes were generally early to mid 1900’s, with many structures ready for major reno, or for infill potential.  Mission has an Elementary, a Junior High, and High School, and is located on the banks of the Sturgeon River and the Red Willow Trail System.  
  2. Grandin – Grandin lay on the opposite (south) bank as Mission, just north of St. Albert’s Downtown District.  Grandin was largely developed in the 1950’s and boasts mature trees, large streets and large lots with plenty of greenspace.  Grandin is also home to St. Albert’s only outdoor pool (Grosvenor).   Due to the age of homes and size of lots, Grandin is undergoing its own revitalization movement with many large renovations and infills.   Grandin proper has an Elementary School, and Junior High, and accesses nearby High Schools.    
  3. Braeside- is the 3rd of St. Albert’s oldest neighborhoods with original development occurring largely around the turn of the century (1900’s).  Unofficially, Braeside is divided into “Old Braeside” and “New” or simply “Braeside” development occurring mid 1970’s to mid 1980’s.  Old Braeside is one of St. Albert’s only areas to have back-alley access (Mission being the other) and its age, location (hillside, and proximity to the river trail system and Downtown) have residents and new-comers renovating or building infill houses on every street.   Braeside also houses one of St. Albert’s most prestigious crescents – Braeside Estates.  Bordering on Forest Lawn, Braeside has access to schools of all age requirements. 
  4. Sturgeon Heights- Built out in the 1950’s Sturgeon is one of the smaller neighborhoods in St. Albert and is almost entirely single-family homes. Crescents further south in Sturgeon benefit from the river bank and houses and streets are built on this hillside.  This area of Sturgeon is very popular and large renovations and infills are prominent.  Further south, the topography levels out and so does affordability, and renovations are the go-to upgrade.  Sturgeon boasts 2 kindergarten through grade 6 schools central in the neighborhood and surrounded by a massive school park and greenspace with outdoor rink. 
  5. Lacombe Park is St. Albert’s largest neighborhood, can be subdivided unofficially into Lacombe Park – built in the 1970’s, and Lacombe Park Estates, developed in the 1990’s to present day.   As the names suggest Lacombe Park Estates have larger lots and houses and only some of the earliest builds would require renovations other than to update to taste.  The older areas of Lacombe Park are largely ready for renovation but not likely infill development.  Lacombe Park houses 3 schools and has the Lacombe Park Ravine and Lacombe Lake Dog Park as well. 


Whether new or old, St. Albert is a great place to live, with a strong sense of community, top-rated schools, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. If you’re considering renovating a home in the area, the neighborhoods above are a great place to start, each offering its own unique combination of community amenities, schools, and outdoor recreation opportunities. No matter which neighborhood you choose, you will be sure to find a welcoming community and a high quality of life in St. Albert.    

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