Squamish was forever known as the town between Vancouver and whistler. The place to grab an Egg Mcmuffin on your travels to the mountains for a day of skiing. For years it was a truck stop destination with little to offer. Well, as time passed, people began to realize what a true gem Squamish really is.

I am as guilty as everybody else. It took years for me to realize exactly how amazing this town truly is. From my introduction to the Sea to Sky corridor while living in Whistler (2000-2010), I couldn’t see the potential. Even as daily I would drive the 45 min from Whistler to Squamish to either fish, rock climb, bike or camp, a stigma surrounded the area as inhospitable. Friends would migrate to Squamish feeling forced out of the Whistler rental market and took advantage of the low real estate costs. They were the pioneers that built the community that has now drawn many people like myself to call Squamish home.

The reason for this sudden popularity of Squamish was not sudden at all. Many of us were enjoying the spoils of Squamish for decades and could not envision it as home. Now thanks to the many people who have turned this once drive by town into an actual community, many of us recreational enthusiasts are beginning to open our eyes. With this sudden influx of inhabitants, Squamish has experienced a boost in economic growth that has helped sustain the community. Housing development and infrastructure is growing substantially.

Squamish still remains a municipality whose inhabitants largely commute to other cities for employment but that is just fine too. One could argue that the drive from Squamish to Vancouver is equal to the drive from Langley to Vancouver once you account for traffic, and Squamish to Whistler is similar distance as Pemberton is to Whistler.

I call Squamish the Goldilocks zone. Situated on the ocean, its minutes to the mountains and snow surrounding Whistler and close enough to Vancouver to still feel in touch with city living. Include that with all that Squamish provides, it is truly the perfect place to live.