As the heart is essential to your body, so is the kitchen to your home. Consequently, as you tend and care for your heart, you should extend the same level of care and compassion to your kitchen for an excellent home. With the exciting trends being evidenced in this area, you need to keep up to date with the developments if you want a kitchen that meets your desires. If what’s trending blends with your kitchen, do not hesitate to adopt it. Fortunately, new options are readily available in the market for you to try out. As others modernize their kitchens, do not be left out. Below are some current trends that will completely transform your kitchen into a cooking and dining haven.

1. Comfortable Sitting Areas

Conventional kitchens were only known for a single purpose, cooking. However, the contemporary kitchen has gone a notch higher to include seats where you and your girlfriends can comfortably hold a meaningful discussion while you prepare meals. It is a wonderful trend that tremendously reduces the demand for an extra dining room and reduces the pressure on the limited space of your custom home. If you hate the idea of being tucked away in the kitchen for a whole two hours preparing supper alone, it is high time you adopted this trend. Its comfort will certainly attract the rest of your family to the kitchen as you cook. Try it and say goodbye to boredom.

2. Smart Kitchen Technology

Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, the world is currently running on smart technology. Why should your kitchen be left out? It is now possible to connect your kitchen with technology devices, and you had better try it out since technology is here to stay. Smart appliances are now available at reasonable prices at your favorite home store, including smart refrigerators and the smart oven. I bet it’s not once or twice that you have gone out for shopping only to forget your shopping list. With a smart refrigerator, you can now know its content through the fitted-in interior camera that takes photos of its content. Have you seen how convenient it is? No need for driving or walking back home for the list.

3. Reduced Upper Cabinets

Too much of anything is poisonous. So is too much of those wall cabinets in your kitchen. Where do you store your expensive glassware? Worry not; you can adopt rollout shelves, pantry pullouts, or drawers for their storage since they utilize minimal space and leave your kitchen more organized and spacious.

4. Lighted Interiors

Interior lighting works magnificently on glass-front cabinets. But, do you know you can spread the magnificence in the whole of your kitchen? Shedding some of this light on the other cabinets, be it pantry or base cabinets, brings out a vivid image of all the content in them. With the enhanced visibility, it is hard not to take note of those items that are rarely used. Hence, in as much as this light is a luxury, it is also a necessity, and you should adopt this trend if you are not already enjoying its glamour.

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5. Working Sinks

Isn’t the feeling of having all you need at your reach fulfilling? That is concisely what a working sink offers you. A sink that is also a workstation can go a long way to simplify your cooking activities. It is fitted with most, if not all, of the accessories you require to prepare what you are set to cook for dinner. Moreover, working sinks are designed in such a way that they significantly enhance the functions of your kitchen. Hence, if you are seeking to modernize your custom home’s kitchen today, Alair Homes Squamish has all these and a lot more for an exciting and satisfying custom home.