A common question I hear from potential clients is “When can we get started?”. It’s easy to understand why the question gets asked so much! Their dream house is just around the corner, after all. Unfortunately, this is the wrong question to ask. If you are thinking of renovating or building a new home, the question you should be asking is “When will the project be finished?”

Planning Your Project

Look no further than the story of the Tortoise and the Hare to understand how asking one question instead of the other can alter the results and completion date of your project. Contractors are often eager to get started with no plan or idea as to when they will finish. This is particularly important if you are planning on renovating your current residence. It’s common on large scale renovations to have to move out or your place while your contractor renovates. To save money, and not to mention lots of stress, you want make sure that you and your contractor have a solid plan in place to maximize the efficiency of the build, keeping the duration of the project to a minimum.

Alair Homes Squamish

At Alair Homes Squamish, we never rush into a project. We work diligently with our “A” team of contractors, as well as you, the client, to ensure that the project is successful on paper before we get to work building your project. You can be sure that each Alair project has gone through extensive pre-planning to make sure all design choices, project plans, permits, contractor quotes & scheduling, as well as, long lead time materials are ordered well before we enter your home with a hammer and crowbar.

So if you are planning on renovating, or updating your current home, or building a new custom home, make sure you ask the right questions. Because after all, it’s not about when you start, it’s when you finish.