Home renovations require a great deal of planning. You need a workable design and a realistic timeline in which to complete the job. The experts at Alair Homes Squamish offer the following advice for your home update.


If you have watched any design shows on television, you may think an extensive renovation can be done within a few days or weeks. In reality, even a small bathroom makeover can take up to three months, and a kitchen could take six months or longer. Start with some inspiring photographs from websites and magazines and build a plan from there. This stage can take one year or longer.


Before beginning any work at all, you will need to know the space you are renovating and obtain the required permits. This time is also used to formulate a workable budget and deal with any obstacles or limitations that could slow the job down. Set achievable goals and have patience.


A common mistake during a makeover is only estimating the time of actual work and not considering the availability of tradespeople or having to wait on materials. When creating a design, expect to spend one to six months on it. The next phase of inspection, measuring and obtaining permits can take from one week to one month. Another one to three months is required to consult with a professional designer and an additional two months for furniture, materials and finishes.


The best approach to the construction phase is to be ready before anything happens. Ensure that the workers and tradespeople you require are available when you need them. Order products ahead of time, especially those that come from overseas. This will allow you to get the items you really want and not have to settle later on. In addition, depending on how materials are delivered, construction may be done in non-linear stages. This is nothing to worry about as long as the project keeps moving forward.

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Regardless of size, any home renovation requires a time buffer. No matter how well you have planned your design and construction phases, there will most likely be unexpected issues or delays. Allowing for additional time to complete the job will help you avoid stress and anxiety when the work stops. In most cases, adding an additional 60 days to a makeover is sufficient to cover any contingencies, such as shipping delays, poor weather or problems at the job site.

Designing a home is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in life. By researching thoroughly, planning carefully and staying realistic with the timeline, you will soon have the house of your dreams. Contact the experts at Alair Homes Squamish to get started.