Construction has finally begun on this truly one-of-a-kind custom home we are building on Bowen Island and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Topography

The design and planning process for this Bowen Island home has been extensive. The building site is right on the ocean, hence the amazing views. But that also means a number of additional considerations when it comes to building a cliffside home like this.

Due to our proximity to the ocean, we needed to obtain development variance permit through Bowen Island Municipality. We gathered all the necessary documentation and received letters of support from the neighbours. This provided enough reasoning for council to approve our request.

With that hurdle out of the way, we needed to navigate the logistics of building on the site. The majority of the property is steep bedrock. The remainder consisted of fill behind an old rock and mortar retaining wall. As the retaining wall was cracked and bowing in multiple locations, we determined that we needed to replace it with a new structure.

Working with our team of consultants, we were able to create a beautiful design that will be structurally sound and formed directly to the bedrock.

The Design

Speaking of the design of this Bowen Island getaway, it’s definitely going to be unique. GNAR Inc created the design of this home, basing it on an Indigenous Pit House.

They also managed to incorporate the building into the topography of the site. From the street, you will barely notice the building as we’ll be installing vegetation to create a living roof.

From inside the house, you’ll have stunning views of Hut, Gambier, and Vancouver Island as well as the Sunshine Coast.

Energy Efficiency

Making this Bowen Island home energy efficient is a huge priority for us and our clients.  Energy efficiency was an integral part of the design. Solar panels will be installed on the carport. They’ll provide all of the energy needed to run this home.

This project is not only going to compliment the topography and surrounding nature, it’s also going to be a unique addition to Bowen Island.

As we make our way though construction, we’ll be sharing updates on our progress. And of course, if you’re looking to build or renovate your own home on Bowen Island, be sure to get in touch.