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When you’re ready to begin building your custom home, finding a builder is one of the first steps to take. This ensures that you can work with a professional who understands your vision. One of the most common ways to find an affordable builder is to receive bids for your custom home. Most people do this in an effort to search for the lowest rate. Although you may save money, going with a low bid can create a confusing and complicated process.

The Process Can Fail

Most bidding processes fail because each house is unique and no two builders are the same. Even two homes that are built from the same plans by two builders will turn out different.

The top builders in the industry also often will not place a bid because it’s incredibly competitive. You are not guaranteed to find someone who has a long track record in the industry. This often affects the quality of the home that is built.


Many builders offer low rates when they submit bids to homeowners. However, it does not mean that you always get the same value. Builders often resort to taking shortcuts to ensure that they still make a profit, which means you may own a home that is built with cheap materials.

Lower quality craftsmen are also used in many cases because they do not charge as much for their services. You may end up with a home that has flaws or lacks appeal due to the type of workers that were hired to build the house.

Increased Costs

Although you may resort to accepting a bid as a way to lower the overall cost of your new property, you can still end up paying more in the long run. Many builders may offer you a low estimate but can end up adding extra charges to your bill to make up for the low price of the project. To overcome this, work with a builder committed to transparency like Alair Homes South Etobicoke.

It is also important to realize that the bid price that you are offered is not the overall cost of the project. You still need to pay for the land, permits and taxes.


There are many horror stories that come out of a project where a homeowner accepted a bid and later saw delays or quality disputes. It can often take longer to complete the project or you may not get what you expected, which can cause tension with the builder.

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Include Details

If you have already created the plans with an architect for your South Etobicoke custom home, it is important to include plenty of details and specifications when talking to a builder. The more details you include, the more accurate each bid will be. Accuracy and communication ensure that the builder has more of an idea of what you want the house to look like both inside and out. Include everything from the type of flooring that you want to faucets, lighting and other fixtures.

Building a new house is a complicated process if you are not prepared. One way to avoid surprises and ensure you get the home that you want is by avoiding the bidding process. Find a quality general contractor to work with. Base your decision on more than price. Doing this helps you to realize a quality home and great value for your investment.