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The world of custom home building takes in a lot of territory. It starts with your wish for a unique home to negotiating with local design and construction professionals to the hard work of building a home from the ground up. The time between concept and moving in involves a lot of planning, interaction, decisions and skilled labor. A custom home builder oversees the whole process and is responsible for every action.

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First Steps

Before any work can start, the builder has to get a building permit for the home. The jurisdiction will have to approve the plans after reviewing it to make sure it meets all the safety and zoning standards. While the plan is under review, the builder will move forward with the client to determine the features and materials used for the home.

Once Construction Starts

Once the lot is ready and the permit issued, the custom builder will bring in the subcontractors chosen for their skill and integrity. The plumbing, electrical and HVAC contractors need licenses as well as financial protections above and beyond what the custom builder provides. Custom home building itself requires a general contractor’s license. The area in which you live will dictate the requirements to obtain said license.

As the custom home progresses, the builder will schedule all the inspections the jurisdiction requires. Most places require inspections for framing and wiring. There may be more for an HVAC inspection, plumbing and roofing, depending on where you live. The builder will also schedule routine inspections with you, as well, to answer any questions and review the progress.

The builder has to keep tabs on the budget for the home while it’s being built. Accountability is a large part of homebuilding, and it’s important to stay within the allotted expenditures. Scheduling is as important as the financials, since the builder’s clients depend on taking possession of the home on time and without delays.

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On an Ongoing Basis

Since custom home building involves so many disciplines, those involved in home construction stay on top of the industry by reading, going to conferences and conventions, networking and meeting with industry representatives. Thanks to the rapid technological changes, new products are coming online continually that could enhance the livability of a home.


Wi-Fi technology makes it easier and practical to use smart home products to control the home’s temperature, lighting and security. New kitchen appliances, lighting styles and technologies, along with bathroom features are all part of custom home building, since clients often rely on the builder to make recommendations.

Wrapping It Up

As construction to your home comes to a close, the builder will schedule a final walk-through. During this inspection, the project manager will make note of any issues you have or issues with the home that need attention. The builder will show you how everything in the home works and present you with the warranties and owners’ manuals.

Bottom Line

Having a home of your own design and specifications built is an exciting time. Learning about custom home building beforehand will help you discover a builder who can provide the most home for your investment, as well as one who makes the process enjoyable and productive. At Alair Homes South Etobicoke, we’re all about educating our clients so they make smart building decisions. If you’re considering building a new home, contact us to discuss the process and share your visions.