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There are many homes that feature an industrial kitchen these days, and you may be thinking of using this style in your own kitchen. The look features a range of materials that create a restaurant-style vibe in your own home. However, overdoing it results in your home not feeling as comfortable. Use the following guide to create an industrial kitchen without sacrificing your cozy vibe.


Metal plays a big part in creating an industrial-style kitchen because it gives the space a professional vibe.

Stainless steel is perfect for using cool metals in your space, and you do not have to limit this metal to appliances. You may decide to go with stainless steel counters, cabinets or hardware in your kitchen.

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Copper, bronze and brass are great choices for adding warmer metals to your industrial-style kitchen. You can incorporate the warmer metals using hardware such as brass or bronze cabinet knobs, or you can use copper stools to create seating arrangements that fit the industrial vibe. A kitchen with exposed metal piping or ductwork makes it easy to create an industrial look. You can use copper piping to create your own exposed metal or even a shelving unit.


Concrete is another material that plays a huge role in creating an industrial kitchen. You may already have concrete walls, structural columns or another form of decor in your home. Work with your concrete features to create an industrial-style kitchen. If you do not mind installing new features, you can exchange your current countertop for one made of concrete. Gray paint is a great alternative to using real concrete in your kitchen, but you want to test the paint to make sure it does not have a strong undertone. You are going for a concrete look rather than a touch of purple.

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Natural Elements

You can add a warm vibe to your industrial-style kitchen by using natural elements such as wood and brick. It is best to use natural tones and embrace the flaws, from grainy wooden pieces to brick walls with patches and different hues. Use wooden pieces in contrasting natural tones to add a splash of color to the metal and concrete materials.

Restaurant-Inspired Features

There are several restaurant-inspired features you can add to your kitchen to create an industrial look. You can start by installing a faucet with a high-arching neck. You may even find a faucet with an exposed coil to add to the vibe.

Your lighting fixtures also play a part in creating an industrial kitchen. You can use modern track lights or plug-in sconces to add style and function to your space. The exposed details of fixtures and pendants are perfect for an industrial theme.

You can also create the industrial look with various dine-in tables and kitchen islands. Swap out your traditional cabinet-based island for a table with mixed chairs or benches.

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