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When building a custom kitchen, there are many important decisions to make. One includes finding the right storage and display solutions for your dishware, glasses and other items. Custom cabinetry is one option, but it is not right in every kitchen or every part of all kitchens. Those looking for unique options explore open shelves, which are minimalist and less bulky compared to cabinets. Open shelves are not always right for every part of the kitchen, however. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which they work best.

Around the Range Hood

Range hoods today are oftentimes beautiful and serve as decorative features in modern kitchens. When surrounded by closed off custom cabinetry, the beauty of them is sometimes lost. Allow your range hood to continue to be the focal point of the room by placing open shelves on each side of the feature. The symmetry of the shelves will enhance the design of the room. Open shelving also helps everything to remain easy to access while you are cooking.

On the Windows

A unique and bold way of hanging the shelves is to place them on the windows, which will draw attention to the feature. Open shelves will not block any natural light that comes into the room, so you space continues to feel bright and airy. Consider placing glassware on the shelves, which will glimmer with the light that comes through.

At the End of the Room

If there is space available at the end of the room, consider adding the open shelving to fill in the bare area and add a unique accent. You can use a material that is a contrast to other materials or textures used in the room. This helps ensure that the shelves stand out.

Around a Complex Corner

Many kitchens have complex corners that can be awkward when it comes to creating useful space and functional storage solutions. These corners are often the perfect spot to add custom open shelving too. Cut precisely to fit the corner, your shelves will blend right in while adding a unique architectural detail.

Over an Island

The space above an island in the middle of the room may not seem like an ideal place to put shelves, but doing so can contribute to your home’s interior style and work as a unique feature. Adding storage here is a great way to use frequently unused space, and the shelves have an added benefit of pulling the eyes up. This can make a small kitchen feel larger.

Consider placing the shelves higher to ensure that you can still make eye contact with your loved ones while spending time cooking or sitting at the island.

Open shelving can serve many purposes and is a great addition to many custom kitchens. If you have difficult to use space or are challenged when it comes to finding the right storage solutions, ask your Alair Homes South Etobicoke general contractor to share some ideas about how open shelving might work for you.