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Your bathroom can be one of the plainest, more utilitarian room in the house. You want it to have a classic look of luxury and elegance but don’t quite know how to begin the process. Alair Homes South Etobicoke offers a few tips and suggestions to help make this area come alive with personality and charm.

Add More Color

You may be tired of white fixtures so purchase your tub, sink, and commode in a more appealing tone such as bone, ivory, or tan. Walls can be a soft shade of aqua, green, champagne, rose, or blue. You can also go bold and paint them a deep red, navy, or even a dark gray.

Go Plush

Don’t scrimp and save on the towels, throw rugs, and other linens. Buy the biggest, softest, plushest styles you can afford. This will make family and guests feel pampered and special. The shower curtain and liner should also be of the highest quality and complement the room.

Add an Unexpected Element

Your bathroom will get plenty of attention if you use your creativity and insight to add an unusual or unexpected element or two to the design. A small skylight, quaint corner fireplace, vintage bathtub, imported cabinet, an unusual mirror, and/or heated floor and towel bars will make this space truly special. On a smaller scale, simple ferns, a few candles, or even some fresh flowers in an attractive vase can make this space truly appealing and inviting.

Install New Flooring

New tile or even a water-resistant laminate can make this tiny area pop. Choose colors and tones that will make the room look more spacious and warm. You can even add tile to the walls around the tub and shower, which will give the space a more upscale appearance.

Purchase New Hardware and Faucets

Your old hardware and faucets may look tired and worn. Replace cabinet handles, shower heads, and faucets with newer, more modern pieces. You will be so surprised how this one move can make your bathroom look fresher and more appealing.

Switch Out the Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one element that can really date a room. Change out your old models for distinctive and elegant new designs. A delicate crystal chandelier, subtle wall sconces, and other unique lighting details will give the room a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. Install a dimmer switch for those times that you just want to relax all your worries away in the bathtub.

Don’t Forget the Walls

Take down those drab prints that have been there forever. Replace them with new, unique wall art. Simple prints, watercolors, photography, small shelves for collectibles, and interesting mini mirrors can assist in giving the area a new, upscale look.

If you build a custom home with Alair Homes South Etobicoke, some of these additions and changes are just what is needed to make this home your own. As is evident, sometimes it just takes a few additions or personal touches to make this room one of the most popular in the house.