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A great backsplash is a great investment in your South Etobicoke kitchen. Not only will a properly installed backsplash act as a durable surface that protects your walls, but it also helps to break up lines of cabinetry and gives your kitchen a unique, artistic touch that can easily become the focal piece in your design. Designing your perfect backsplash takes a little thought, but there are plenty of options out there to brighten up your kitchen and make it look spectacular.

Playing with Shapes

Subway tile is a classic choice for backsplashes in many homes. It’s chic, simple and modern yet also timeless and elegant. The problem with subway tile is that the white, straight lines and squares can sometimes feel boring. To use this option without making your kitchen look like everyone else’s in the neighbourhood, consider playing with shapes. Instead of laying your subway tiles in a simple square or rectangle, choose a herringbone design or even a diamond. The results will be subtle yet eye-catching and uniquely your own.

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Another great way to add dimension and texture to your backsplash is by placing a frame across it. Frames can help that beautiful mosaic glass stand out or make your monochromatic tiles pop. Any linear can be used to create a frame, or you can make things a bit more unique by using multiple lines instead of just one.

Bold Backsplashes

If energy is what you are looking for in kitchen design, consider choosing a vibrant colored backsplash that really pops. Electric red, vibrant blue or neon green are three interesting choices. While these colors aren’t for everyone, they make a wonderful addition to an artistic home. Paired with white or black cabinets and countertops, they’re also an eye-catching feature point in your otherwise simple kitchen.

Metal Backsplashes

To really give your wall texture, opt for metal instead of tile for your backsplash. Copper and tin are two popular choices. Your metal can serve as a frame all on its own, and it also allows you to add interesting images to your walls when flowers, birds, patterns or shapes are etched inside of it.

Brick and Stone

Two other interesting choices for backsplashes include natural stone and brick. Both are quite sturdy, and they work well in a kitchen that has a natural design or old-world charm. Paired with an elegant hood cover and stainless steel appliances, these options help to create a distinguished looking kitchen that is certain to stand out in any home.

Sea Glass

For homes with a beach-like quality or people who love to make their spaces feel calm and serene, sea-green glass is an excellent choice for a backsplash. These cool tones are fresh and inviting, and they set the tone for a relaxing kitchen where friends and family laugh and mingle.


Mosaic backsplashes are yet another way to bring interest and dimension to your kitchen. Choose a single color with interesting mosaic shapes for a more subtle effect or pick colorful mosaics to create old-world Spanish charm.

The backsplash is an important feature in your South Etobicoke kitchen, so take some time to consider all your options and find the right one for you. The Alair Homes South Etobicoke general contractors are always ready to assist with design suggestions and construction expertise.