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There are few things more exciting than taking on a home remodel; there are also few things more daunting. Whether you are having a deck built to enjoy a nice South Etobicoke summer, prepping for a cold winter with new windows, doors and insulation, or anything in between, managing all the details can be very stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, not if you know how to prepare and head off problems. With a bit of advance planning, and the right building contractor, you can not just survive your remodel but actually thrive as you get things done and feel good about the changes happening to your home.

Keep the following in mind as you prepare for your next remodel:

Know what you want

While a reputable construction company can help you to make choices and detail decisions, it is still important that you begin the process with a firm idea of what you want. You want to know the scope of the work (are you just replacing kitchen countertops or doing an entire kitchen remodel?) and the overall look that you are going for. You also want to put some thought into what type of materials you want. Magazine clippings can be helpful here.

Get all your documentation in order

Before you even begin work, start a file to store all your paperwork. Ensure that you have written contracts with all contractors, that you see insurance information for every contractor, and that you keep a copy of every invoice, payment, and piece of paper. If all goes well you may never need these things, but if problems arise you will be glad that you were organized.

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Communicate effectively

When working with different contractors and craftsmen effective communication is paramount. Be sure that you understand what you are being told; never just nod and smile when you do not really understand something. Ask questions. In addition, if you are not confident that someone is understanding you properly ask them to repeat what you said back to you so that you can clarify any misunderstandings before they become a problem. Never assume that someone understands you or that you understand them; be certain.

Be available and prompt

Always be available to your contractor. At any time they may need you to make a decision about paint, tile, or something more important. You do not want to hold up work or extend timelines because they could not get hold of you.

Keep track of timelines

Timeline for work are important to ensure that you have the entire job done on time, but you need to look at more than just the final date. Be aware of what order work must be done in (for example, does plumbing come before electrical?), and also be aware of inspection deadlines, lead times for ordering custom materials and so forth. Communicate with your contractor to ensure that they are aware of these timelines also.

At Alair Homes we work to make your remodel as low stress as possible. But by keeping the above tips in mind you can play an active role in getting your remodel done on time, on budget and just the way that you and your family want it to be.