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As a homeowner, you’ve probably found some things about your home that you would like to improve. Sometimes, making the decision about which home renovations or improvements to tackle first is daunting. It helps to know what others are considering, and what tops the list when it comes to creating a wish list. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The Big Splurge

First on the list is a splurge. Yes, that’s right; make it work within the budget to pay for that one item you’ve been dreaming about. Whether it be those gorgeous kitchen countertops, that $5,000 lighting fixture or the claw foot tub you’ve been envisioning soaking in for decades, including that one true piece of “perfection” elevates your home to a whole new level and gives you a reason to absolutely fall in love with your space and want to spend time there.

Modest Home Renovation

Once you’ve splurged, turn the tables, and think about going modest. If you’ve added that amazing claw foot tub to your bathroom, perhaps finish the home renovation with a modestly priced right out of the box vanities or simple mirrors above your granite. If your granite countertops topped out the budget, paint the cabinets instead of replacing them, or go for a budget friendly laminate instead of hardwoods. Adding in modest accents helps to leave room in the budget, and it makes redesigning your home more affordable, regardless of your price point.

Warmth and Comfort

After you’ve considered the budget, think about how you want your home to feel. Warmth is an essential component in almost every property. Adding a bit of wood is a great way to bring in some warmth. If you want to do this is the simplest way possible, look for a great wood stool or table. Simple accent pieces won’t break the bank, and they can help your home to feel inviting, warm and comfortable.

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Let Your Home Speak Sophistication

To contrast the warmth and depth in your home provided by wood, add some black and white pieces to shout out sophistication. This is a great way to incorporate your favorite photography or canvas art pieces, and it can also provide you with a medium to welcome in that favorite globe light fixture, quirky dining room set of chairs or beautiful, refinished armoire.

Colors that Pop

While wood and black and white are traditional, every home also needs a pop of color. Get daring by painting a ceiling orange or red, or simply add some hot pink couch cushions to finish off the family room. Whether you want to add a funky piece of furniture, a mismatched set of side tables or a bold piece of artwork, your home deserves to make a dramatic statement, and adding color allows it to do just that.

Sparkle, Luxury and Celebration

In the kitchen, there are three things worth adding to your home. Incorporate a great lighting fixture to give your home some sparkle, and invest in beautiful cloth napkins, monogrammed if you’d like, and fun champagne flutes to make your dining room table feel sophisticated. All pieces speak of luxury and are reminiscent of a celebration, giving your home that extra touch of personalization that says it’s your very own.

Cozy Reading Nook

Finally, every home needs a great place to cozy up and read. For some, this means adding a room and creating a library, and for others, simply rearranging the furniture to create a reading nook is enough. This is your space to unwind and let go at the end of the day, and it’s something that will be used regularly by family and friends alike.

Your home is your own, so make it feel that way by adding in simple touches of elegance, luxury and comfort. Whether they involve a complete home renovation or simply changing out pillows or side tables, each will fill your home with warmth and make it a welcoming place for family and friends to spend time in.