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A neutral-colored kitchen is a classic design choice. It offers a relaxing environment where you can get creative making home cooked meals. However, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring by any means. Here are 10 ideas you can use to spice up your neutral space and make it a sumptuous visual experience.

Mix in metallic finishes

Metal light fixtures and cabinet hardware can add another dimension to a neutral space. You can go with stainless steel for a subtle grey touch or go bolder with brass or copper finishes. Chrome is great for a bit of shine.

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Use texture to break up neutral spans

No one ever said neutral had to be flat and featureless. Lap wood siding up a wall for subtle horizontal stripes, or go vertical with it. Rough grass wallpaper adds a layer of interest when added to a feature wall.

Create visual interest with tile

For backsplashes, tile is a natural choice. It is durable and easily cleaned. You can stick with a neutral color yet add gain visual interest with interesting layouts and mixing and matching shades of color. Hand-painted tiles provide ultimate visual richness.

Add dark to the mix

Neutral is often interpreted with light to mid tones. But blacks and greys can go boldly dark and remain neutral. Adding dark cabinets or countertops can break up an otherwise light palette. The contrast between the light and the dark can bring energy to the space.

Hang wallpaper for texture and visual interest

If you have an open wall in your kitchen, it is calling for something different. Wallpaper is an option to consider. Select a large-scale pattern in a neutral tone or go with one that has subtle variations of color. The pattern and texture of the wallpaper will draw the eye.

Reflect light with mirrors

Neutral colors can be subtle. A mirrored backsplash is not. It offers a place for light to bounce and draws the eye to see the reflected objects. You can also hang mirrors above the sink or across from an island to add visual expanse to a small space.

Use natural grain wood strategically

Solid colored cabinets are great for creating color blocks. However, too much of a color block can swallow the room. Breaking up the color block with a strong grain wood will balance the color block and give the room a dose of warmth. Choose a strong grained wood and use a black stain to draw out the graining.

Use different shades of color

White comes in hundreds of shades. So does tan, taupe, beige, and every other neutral color. Going neutral doesn’t mean using the same shade of color on all surfaces. Using a complete palette of neutral shades can bring character to any neutral space.

Add upholstery for visual interest

If you have stools at your bar or a banquette, select a visually rich upholstery fabric. This will bring texture and contrast to the space while offering a soft place to sit.

Add a color feature

One way to make a neutral space pop is to bring in a dose of color. You can add a coat of paint to a wall, to the island, or even to the accessories you have on the countertops.