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There is more to setting up a home office than just placing a desk and chair in an empty room. You need to create a space that is comfortable but encourages you to be productive. Use the following custom home ideas to draw inspiration for your office.

Float The Desk

Float your desk in the center of your office instead of placing it against the window or wall. Be sure to place your desk on hardwood flooring instead of an area rug. This way, you can prevent tripping hazards by installing an outlet in the floor.

Add A Cozy Spot

You need a cozy spot for reading through paperwork, talking to clients or taking a break. You can place an armchair or small couch on one side of the office, or you can enjoy the sunlight with a window seat.

Customize Your Furniture

If you cannot find furniture that works for your office, hire an interior designer to customize your office furniture. A professional can create built-in bookshelves to add storage for your supplies and a desk that perfect fits your space. They can put together a color scheme that motivates you to work hard.

Use The Nook

Even in a custom built home, there may not be space for a dedicated office. If that’s the case, make the most of every nook in your home. You may find a nook in your den, hallway or bedroom that is perfect for your desk. A nook in the kitchen can be used as a family workstation.

Double-Duty Space

The right furniture allows you to create a space that serves multiple purposes. A fold-out couch and walk-in closet create a cozy space for your overnight guests. When you are not entertaining, you can turn this room into your home office with a desk and chair.

Modern Built-In Storage

If you are like many homeowners, you are looking for built-in storage to conceal certain items. Use an office hutch to add a mixture of cabinets and open shelves to your space. You can display your books and decor while concealing your chargers and electronics.

Use A Bulletin Board

There are many advantages in using digital applications for reminders and appointments. However, it never hurts to invest in a bulletin board for your office. A bulletin board allows you to keep track of your notes without having to log online.

Incorporate Technology

Today’s home office trends include more than just simple wall outlets. Modernize your space with the latest innovations in technology. Incorporate usb ports in your wall plugs, smart bulbs that turn on and off automatically as you enter and leave the room and perhaps a dedicated intelligent thermostat that keeps your office comfortable.

Create Space For Two

Share the office with your partner or relative by creating enough space for two people. You can invest in a desk that is long enough for both of you, or you can keep everyone separated with two smaller desks.

Consider Separation

While you want to work from home and stay connected to the family, you might need a little privacy too. Accomplish both goals with the right room separation. Strategically placed bookshelves, glass doors or half walls are all options to discuss with your general contractor.

The professionals at Alair Homes South Etobicoke will work with you through every stage of design and construction for your custom home, and we’ve got plenty of great ideas to share when it comes to creating the perfect office space. Contact us to learn more and schedule your consultation.