With 2019 upon us, many Scarborough homeowners are considering smart home renovations that can improve the look, feel and value of their properties. Looking back on 2018, there were many new and interesting interior design trends that took shape. Whether you have total home renovation in mind or a more modest project, here are five trends worth considering as you’re making plans.

1. Quartz Counters

Perhaps the biggest home renovation trend in 2018 was the transition to quartz counters. Engineered quartz countertops have been popular for a while now, but industry research indicates that more Canadian homeowners chose it over granite for the first time ever last year. As quartz prices continue to fall, it becomes more difficult to justify granite. After all, quartz is amazingly durable, available in a variety of colors and can be engineered to look like so many other materials.

kitchen in luxury home

2. Emerald Kitchen Islands

Emerald islands are in for interior design in 2019, and this speaks to a changing perspective on how our kitchens should look and feel. Traditionally, homeowners opted for whites, grays and other neutral colors. Woods were generally light, and dark colors were reserved for a splash here or there, such as in the countertops. But 2019 is going to bring with it a trend toward darker and moodier aspects.

3. Custom Drawer Inserts

Custom kitchen and bathroom drawer inserts are in as well, and this speaks to a changing perspective on home renovation, too. Traditionally, the inside of a drawer or cabinet has been all about functionality. Not only are homeowners opting for fancier and more complex designs, but they are using paints and stains to create a visual accent or contrast, and these choices are often unexpected.

4. Kitchen Egress

Outdoor kitchens have been all the rage for the last several years proving that homeowners value their outdoor living spaces. What we witnessed last year and will continue to see into this year is a blurring between the indoor kitchen and the outdoor kitchen. There is more innovation here than just a doorway, and many creative homeowners are opting for large sliding and even collapsible doors that let the inside be the outside and vice versa. This is especially noticable for large families or homeowners who love to entertain.

5. Countertop Cabinets

A homey interior design option that’s really picking up steam is the countertop cabinet. In modern kitchens, corners are often wasted space, but designers are now reclaiming that space with cabinets that extend from the counter to the ceiling. It’s like having a pantry on your counter, and it can feature spice racks, bottom drawers, upper doors with glass windows and much more. This not only adds visual interest to the kitchen but makes it easier to get organized – something homeowners remain committed to in 2019.

Which of these design trends appeal most to you? Or is there another part of the home you’d like to focus on as you make improvements? We’d love to find out and help you bring your renovation goals to life. Contact Alair Homes to discuss your ideas during a complimentary, no obligation consultation.