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An agreement made by word of mouth is very difficult to track. Even if you are able to trace it, it is most likely that it will not be possible to account for every word said on that agreement. This is where contracts come in. In Saskatoon, a contractor must have a contract to avoid potential conflicts that often arise due to disagreements in the course of the operation. With a contract, concerned parties simply refer to it to settle issues. Here is what you should look for in a contractor’s contract.

Look At the Physical Address

A good contract must have the contractor’s physical address to enable you track him or her if need arises. The physical address must be valid and accurate to enable you to reach to him easily. In this case, do not settle for a postal office address unless the contractor is willing to show you where he or she lives physically.

Consider the Contractor’s License

A license is crucial when dealing with a contractor. The contractor must show that he or she is a qualified worker recognized by the relevant bodies in a given state. He or she should produce at least one license required in the work being done. Professional bodies and state give licenses to people who have passed all the exams applicable for a particular profession. Some licenses indicate that the contractor has met all the set ethical standards in the community.

The Insurance

Insurance is a crucial element when dealing with a contractor, especially one specialized in house construction. An insurance policy shows that the contractor is ready to take responsibility for any injury that might occur at work. If a contractor does not have the required insurance policy, you may be held liable for the injuries and damages.

Consider the Scope of Work

To get both parties on the same page, you must consider all the details of the work in writing. For instance, a designer who has come up with plans for a house construction or renovation should have his or her scope of work jotted down for references. The scope of work must also include the date the plans were made. This way, you can be able to refer to the original plan for clarification as the project progresses.

Consider How Long the Work Will Take

The duration of work is an essential feature for planning in any project. Though many things affect the duration of a project, it is always wise to write down its expected date of completion. Establishing the timeline will ensure that both parties do their part to ensure the project continues as planned. A timeline also reduces the need to continuously follow up the status of the project with the contractor.

Payment Terms

The contract must articulate the terms of payments for the work done by the contractor. The terms may include the cost of materials and the amount payable after a certain duration set by both parties. It is a good idea if the payments are based more on milestones in the project than on percentages calculated on the amount of work completed. The terms should also include a payment schedule. Both parties must sit down and agree on a suitable payment schedule before making it a valid contract agreement.


Big construction companies such as Alair Homes Saskatoon offer a standard warranty of one year from the date of completion of the project. Ensure the contractor puts in writing the type of warranty he or she gives.