Concrete is no longer a material found only in industrial or ultra-contemporary settings. It is finding its way into more and more homes every day. The hard working, durable qualities of concrete make it the perfect construction material for inside the house as well as outside. You may have seem newer kitchens making use of this substance for some time now, but today we are finding that it is creeping its way into the bathroom as well. The results are impressive.

The Countertop

Using concrete in a bathroom vanity’s countertop is a wise decision. Concrete adds a certain style to the room no matter what décor is being used. It fits in as nicely with contemporary features as it does with country charm. One can try mixing traditional pieces such as framed mirrors and elegant faucets with this industrial surface in order to create a durable work space that is pleasing to the eye.

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Sinks and Tubs

Concrete bathroom features such as sinks and tubs no longer need to be poured onsite or custom made. There are several companies that manufacture these pieces by hand for use in the typical home bathroom. When a sink or tub is used in combination with wood accents and surrounds, the concrete becomes an elegant focal point. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find custom made sinks and tubs these days. You can still order a custom designed tub that will fit perfectly into your bathroom’s own unique dimensions as well as sinks that are seamlessly molded into the countertop.

The Walls

Bathroom tiles that have the look of concrete are becoming very popular. Concrete tiles are pre-sealed, and they are quite easy to install. Installation is similar to traditional tiles. Your design options include tiles with a raw effect for a more industrial look as well as smooth tiles that have a contemporary feel. There are also concrete tiles that can have texture added to them in order to create a more custom look.

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The Floor

If you already have polished concrete floors in other areas of the house, it would only make sense to extend them into the bathroom. They are an easy to clean option for this high traffic area. A simple mopping will keep them looking new. If you think you will miss the patterns of traditional flooring, the texture of cement encaustic tiles can be used to add warmth and character to the area. Just keep in mind that encaustic tiles will have to be resealed annually.

Using concrete in your home’s bathroom will give you a modern, durable surface on your countertops, walls, and floors a well as a solid, reliable foundation for your sink and tubs. You can ask the professionals at Alair Homes how it can be incorporated beautifully into a newly built home or added into your next renovation project. They will show you that today’s concrete is stylish and versatile enough to fit in with any home décor.