Saskatoon’s central location and its situation along the Saskatchewan River make it a great setting for all sorts of activities for tourists as well as locals. While many outdoor enthusiasts live to bike the scenic trails that are interspersed throughout the area as well as kayak the river, other activities that demonstrate the heritage, culture and values of the region are often overlooked. Here are five fun activities in Saskatoon for which one should schedule time in 2016.

#1 Wanuskewin Heritage Park – Moccasin Making

The Wanuskewin Heritage Park tells the story of the indigenous people of Canada’s Great Plains. The park sits near the Opimihaw Creek, and it was the center of society for a few native people groups for thousands of years before European settlement. According to archaeologists, many of the artifacts found at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park date to times that are earlier than ancient Egypt. Individuals and families can learn how these societies lived both through lectures and experiential opportunities like the heritage skills workshops that the park holds throughout the year. For example, the park will hold a two day moccasin making class this year on February 27th and 28th.

saskatoon family expo

#2 Saskatoon Family Expo

Wholesome fun for the whole family is often hard to come by in today’s society, but the Saskatoon Family Expo is an event that makes it happen every year. The expo features a variety of regional vendors that provide a unique shopping experience for adults, and children are kept entertained by interacting with their favorite animated characters who they encounter throughout the facility. Musicians and other performing artists also showcase their talents for the crowds with concerts, puppet shows and ballet dance productions. Face painting and inflatable bounce play areas make it an attractive option for families with small children. This year’s event will be held on March 18th and 19th at Prairieland Park.

#3 Saskatoon Potter’s Guild- Spring Sale

The Saskatoon Potter’s Guild primarily serves to teach the local community about the heritage skill of pottery making. They offer classes and workshops throughout the year for those who are interested in learning this ancient and functional art form. However, twice a year the Guild offers the rest of the community the opportunity to view the work of local artisans and purchase unique creations for gifts or home decor. The previous event featured the work of over 20 potters, and the next sales event will take place in April. Interested parties must contact the Guild for exact dates and times of their spring sale event. The distinctive creations may just inspire one to take a pottery class or two.

#4 Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Although there are nearly endless ways to pass lovely Saskatoon summers, it is hard to beat taking in performances of favorite Shakespearean plays on the South Saskatchewan River. Throughout the months of July and August the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan production company sets up tent style theaters that accommodate over 250 people and transform the riverfront into a festive cultural scene for the community. Plays are performed by professional actors during the week days and weekends. Besides the plays, visitors and locals enjoy art displays, musical performances and concessions by the river.

#5 Saskatoon Quilt Show

The Saskatoon Quilt Show is held during the fall of the year. The show features all types of hand made quilted items for sale as well as demonstrations of challenging quilting techniques and practices. The Saskatoon Quilt Show is not only a great venue for purchasing meaningful gifts, but it is a way to introduce young people to the joys of creating beautiful and useful housewares. Crafting enthusiasts should contact the Saskatoon Quilters Guild for specific information about dates and times for this year’s quilt show.