When it’s time to remodel or update a kitchen, you’ll be faced with a significant decision: Should you pay extra for double-stacked cabinets? While additional cost translates to increased value, consider these important pros and cons before deciding on a final product.

Double Stack Cabinets
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Pro: Extra Storage Space

Double-stacked cabinets give you room for storing appliances, seasonal cookware or cooking utensils you don’t use a lot. Additionally, since kitchens with existing single-row cabinets often have space between the cupboards and the ceiling, adding another row increases storage without the worry of demolition costs. However, you need to have at least 12 inches to spare.

Con: Difficult Access

The additional storage space comes with the price of inconvenience or safety concerns because of the cabinet height. You either have to rely on someone tall, or use a step stool every time you want to get something from the top. As a result, you might not use the items that are stored in these cabinets that often.

Pro: Prime Display Space

Accessibility won’t be a factor when you choose to use the extra space for display purposes. Add glass door fronts to your stacked cabinets and showcase your wedding dishes, silver platters or high-end kitchen accessories. This allows you to add tasteful decor without making permanent changes and diminishing the resale value of the home. Also, you can add interior cabinet lighting. This will not only highlight your treasures, but brighten up the space and complement recessed and pendant lighting in the kitchen.

Con: Additional Upkeep

Having more cupboards translates to extra cleaning time. This especially applies to glass doors. Not only does it take longer to clean the see-through surfaces, but you have to keep the interior spotless and organized. Combined with the fact that these cabinets are harder to reach, cleaning can feel even more unpleasant and time-consuming than usual.

Pro: Improved Flow

Having unused space above a single row of cabinets can make a kitchen look unfinished. Adding upper cabinets can improve flow, add a sense of purpose to the space and provide a more cohesive look.

Con: Cramped Feel

While seamless design makes sense, not every kitchen lends itself to extra cabinetry. In small spaces or in kitchens with unusual layouts, more bulk can make the area feel cramped. This applies especially to rooms with darker color schemes.

If you decide that the pros outweigh the cons and want to install double-stacked cabinets, make sure to hire a reputable contractor. Using a professional builder and remodeling expert, such as Alair Homes, ensures peace of mind for money well-spent and a job done properly.