Open shelving is an adventurous choice for kitchens. Many kitchens include this feature in the layout, sometimes mixing and matching open shelves with custom cabinetry. The airy, inviting, and detailed design of open shelving lets this item be the star. The eventual dilemma stems often around location. Placing your open shelving correctly makes it more attractive and functional, so this decision is one to carefully consider.

In the Pantry

One reasonable place to add open shelving is in the pantry. Here, shelves are used to stock food, condiments, pots, pans, gadgets, storage containers and table linens. Shelves make it easy to grab the items necessary to complete daily tasks. However, open shelving in the pantry does not add much as far as aesthetic appeal to the kitchen if this area is closed off with a door, as it usually is.

In the Island

Another great test drive for open shelves is to place them inside the kitchen island. Anchored or portable, the island offers open space in the area without sacrificing wall space. Open shelving here provides storage space that is somewhat hidden yet still in view and easily accessible.

Near the Window and Sink

Open shelves around the window turn a blank space into a functional haven. The shelves embrace natural light, spreading it across all angles. Window shelves hide awkward window positions too. If the sink is separate from the window, place open shelves above the sink too. When sinks are located below a window, open shelves provide a beautiful view of the outdoors while you accomplish some of the most frequent tasks in your kitchen.

Around the Range Hood

Open or covered, the range hood’s surrounding space is often bare. This provides a great opportunity to add shelving. Open shelves turn the range hood into a focal point. The shelves enhance the hood’s presentation and can even provide the illusion of a larger kitchen.

On the Corner

The oddest place to add shelving is around the corner, yet corners exist in most every kitchen. If a wall corner is available for use, add customized open shelves to fit neatly in the space. Plants, your small herb garden or some decorative pots might fit well in this area. Many homeowners then place custom cabinetry around the open shelves to create a more cohesive look and best use this often unused space.

Above the Island

If you are running out of storage ideas, head upward. Above the kitchen island, peninsula, or breakfast bar is the ceiling. Simply create space in the ceiling by letting shelves hang at eye level. Connect it to a wall so it doesn’t swing side to side. This storage works well for pots and pans or glassware. It is also great for family mementos and decorative knickknacks too.

The suggestions above might spark a few ideas about incorporating open shelving in your Alair Homes Saskatoon custom kitchen. Do not underestimate this trend’s impact. The results may leave little to the imagination, yet the authenticity makes the trend appealing and intriguing.