Whether you are new to Saskatoon, visiting the area or are considering relocation to the city, it’s helpful to know what’s going on and when. From natural and weather related events to trash collection grids and even a listing of local artists and cultural pieces found around the city, the Saskatoon interactive maps make it easy to find all the information you need about happenings across this great area so you can plan and feel prepared.

Saskatoon Services and Schedules

If you’re looking for information about locally available services and the schedules these providers follow, this is the place to search. Here, you will find easy to navigate maps with detailed information about services including:

Information about both curbside and drop off facilities are included in this simple to launch and easy to navigate map.

Road Construction / Road Restrictions

Whether you’re commuting to work in Saskatoon, running area or traveling through the area at your leisure, knowing a bit about the road conditions makes driving less stressful, faster and more efficient. Launch the road restrictions and road construction map to find the latest information about road closures, work zones and road restrictions. Schedules and projected timelines for each project are also included, making it easier for everyone to plan day to day travel and reroute when necessary for safety, convenience and as a time saving measure.

Reporting Traffic Issues

While traveling in Saskatoon, information provided by the city isn’t the only useful tool for making driving more convenient and safe. Those who use the roads often have valuable information that can help other drivers to avoid hazards, move through the streets faster and get where they’re going safely. With the new traffic issues interactive map, users can report concerns they find while commuting through Saskatoon. Information on other road users, accidents, signal outages and other related things can easily and quickly be reported from a desktop or mobile device. The reports are then reviewed by customer service representatives so that appropriate responses and actions can take place quickly, typically within two business days.

Snow Grading

After a large snow storm, there is a lot of work to be done to get the streets back to safe and drivable conditions. The professionals who work in Saskatoon take their job seriously, and they work diligently to get the job of snow plowing and snow grading completed quickly. Stay up to date on their progress with the snow grading map. This handy map provides information to let users know which streets have been graded, what the grading schedule looks like and where there are parking restrictions in place related to grading. Using it helps you to plan your commute and know when it’s safe to get back out and on your way again.

Art Collection and Appreciation

Not all the maps simply have a functional purpose. With the art collection and appreciation map, users can quickly and easily location information related to art created and found across Saskatoon. Public art within the city’s collection is listed with specific information about the artist and piece. Using this map is a fun way to take the family on a visual arts adventure across the city you love.

Other Maps

In addition to the maps listed above, other maps are available providing seasonal information about snow plowing, construction, street sweeping, pot holes and lane maintenance. This information is updated as applicable to the city, and it serves as a useful tool for anyone who lives in or is commuting through Saskatoon.