Unlike other rooms, a bathroom makeover can be done quickly and fit into any budget. The key is thinking outside the box. Look around for items that can be repurposed for other uses. The following ideas can take from a few minutes to a weekend. The effect of these changes can be enduring.

Add standout accessories

Look around for atypical decorations. You want pieces that standout and make people notice. It could be a special rug or addition of a piece of furniture.

Bathroom Renovations
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Add more mirrors

Instead of one large mirror, try two or more smaller mirrors. Adding more mirrors can create a more contemporary environment. Shop around to find ones that fit your style and budget.

Add attractive lotion organizers

To create an elegant and high-end feel, invest in an upscale soap dispenser and lotion bottles. Depending on your style, you may want to add a metallic or wooden tray to store bottles. Mason jars or other glass jars are creative ways to store small items like cotton balls and swabs.

Add an accent color

Pick a bright color and add it to the décor in small quantities. Think of adding a bold color towel or shower curtain. No need to paint an entire wall to liven up a boring white bathroom, just add a splash of color and it will feel brand new.

Add a designer’s touch

This is where you want to think outside the box. Have a deer’s head in storage? Bring it out and hang it on the wall. While you are looking around, be sure to revamp your lighting. Lighting can be as personal as you want. Try using mason jars for a country look or bare-bulb for more modern. Make sure you use a qualified electrician before trying this yourself.

Add plants

Plants are a great addition to any room, even the bathroom. Try to find plants that like the humidity and match your style.

Bathroom Renovations
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Add a vintage touch

Look for old crates and such to add storage for towels or reading material. Old baskets by the toilet make a great way to store extra toilet paper.

Add a photo wall

A great and simple way to add pizzazz to boring walls are photos. If you like to change the look, hang the pictures with Velcro tape.

Add artwork

Look around your home for pieces to add to the bathroom. Whether it’s your favorite artist or your child’s latest crayon adventure, it will flow with the rest of the house.
Add furniture

If you have room, adding a dresser or table will bring character and extra storage to your bathroom. With help of a plumber, an old dresser can be repurposed as a unique vanity.

Add a tile backsplash

Since you are tiling a small square footage, splurge on fun bright tile that might be too much for the kitchen. This can add color and excitement to a drab bathroom.

At Alair Homes Saskatoon, we want to help you revamp your bathroom to a place of luxury. Our staff works with qualified electricians and plumbers to make all of your design ideas happen. Whether it’s new tile or new fixtures, we can help.