Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the busiest places in your home. Since homeowners spend so much time in their restroom, it should be comfortable and pleasing to the eye. If your bathroom is covered with dated wallpaper, mildew spots, and hardware that has seen better times, then you should consider a remodel. You do not have to spend a fortune. Here are a few easy updates from Alair Homes Saskatoon that can create a tranquil respite that you will enjoy visiting each day.

Change of Scenery

Are you fed up with the drab and dated colors on your restroom walls? Are they covered with wallpaper that came out of the 70’s? One of the cheapest ways to modernize your restroom is with a fresh coat of paint. Most decorators shun the use of wallpaper or border anymore. Strip the wallpaper in the room and paint it a lovely neutral color that complements other elements present. A neutral color will make your restroom look bigger and airy. Colors of the beach, such as sandy browns and soft blues create the ambiance of a private spa.

Frugal Backsplashes and Counters

The word frugal does not mean cheap. It means that you are careful to buy the best quality that you can afford. Laminate counters may be less expensive, but they soon lose their luster after a few years. If you invest in a natural material such as granite, marble, or quartz, you will have beauty that will last a lifetime. Stone countertops add that luxurious look that you have always wanted in your bath. If you want even more elegance in your bathroom, consider using mosaic or subway tile for a stunning backsplash.

Replacing Fixtures In Your Restroom

Old dingy fiberglass tubs and sinks ruin the looks of bathrooms. When you invest in quality porcelain or ceramic fixtures, they will add that pop of sophistication you want. Free-standing tubs and open showers are all the rage in today’s bathrooms. If you absolutely cannot afford to replace the fiberglass tub and shower unit, there are companies that can cover them with a new unit. Even a replacement will add a fresh touch to your remodeling project.

Give The Throne A Royal Touch

Could there be any more of an eyesore than a worn-out commode? You may still have a pink or blue one that was popular years ago. The good news is that toilets are pretty economical to replace. A quality porcelain commode can be purchased for a little over $100. Of course, there are deluxe models that are quite a bit more expensive. Just buy the best quality within your budget. The new toilet will pay for itself with its modern water-saving features. Also, be sure that your toilet is tall enough to be comfortable.

After you have painted the walls and replaced the hardware in your restroom, you can add some decorative elements that will make it look gorgeous. Try adding a gorgeous chandelier and a beautiful vanity mirror. If you are lucky, you will have an on-suite restroom that you can remodel and turn into a relaxing oasis. Modernizing the bathrooms in your home instantly adds value to your property. That is another good reason to figure out a remodeling plan today!