It can often be exciting to build a custom home because you have complete control of the process and can decide which features you want to be included. You’ll want to add a few upgrades that allow the home to have plenty of appeal and make it easy to show off to your guests. When you’re ready to get started, there are a few upgrades that you can select while working with your builder.

1. Wood Floors Upstairs

Add a touch of luxury to the second floor of your home with wood flooring that is installed in the hallways, which will look like an extension of the downstairs space. Wood floors are incredibly luxe and will increase the value of the property if they’re installed in the hallways on each floor of the custom home. You’ll have a durable material installed that will stand the test of time and won’t look worn down in areas of high traffic.

2. Drawers for Your Pots and Pans

Boosting the functionality of your kitchen is necessary to create a clean and organized space that is easy to cook and entertain in throughout the year. When working with a company like Alair Homes Saskatoon, request for deep drawers to be installed, which can hold all of your pots and pans. The feature will make it easy to find a specific pot or pan that you need to use while cooking without having to dig into a dark cupboard where everything gets lost. The drawers can also include dividers to separate certain items and prevent it from becoming messy.

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3. Designated Microwave Space

Many people who are building a home for the first time forget to include a designated microwave spot in the kitchen, which means that the appliance ends up taking up counter top space. Work with your builder to install a specific place where you microwave can sit, which includes above the range, beside the stove area, or built into a base cabinet where it’s hidden when it’s not in use. You can free up precious counter top space and keep the item in a discrete area.

4. Glass Inserts in the Cabinets

Take the design of your cabinetry up a notch with glass inserts that are included, which look sleek and stylish when you want a unique look in the bathroom or kitchen. Glass inserts offer a peek inside the cabinets and will allow you to show off decorative plates or glassware that is too beautiful to be hidden. You’ll want to inform your builder of your request for the upgrade early on because the feature is difficult to add to cupboards at a later time after they’re already built.

5. Carpet Pads

You don’t have to spend a significant amount of money on high-end carpet if you want a soft material installed on your floors. Request that your builder adds carpet pads, which are affordable and will add extra comfort when you’re walking barefoot in your home. Carpet pads not only make the carpet extra soft but also increases its lifespan of the material.

6. Painted Cabinetry

Painted cabinets are increasing in popularity because they increase the visual appeal of different rooms of the home. Choose a color shade that allows the space to look light and airy and will add a touch of character to the interior setting.