When something sounds too good to be true, it often is. After all, a really great bargain is what we are all after, right?

Several months ago we met a developer who who was selling his acreage lots. He had just completed a beautiful show home and was showing it on a weekly basis. After spending a while speaking with him about the home, the finishes, who the builder was, what his budget was, it was interesting to us that his builder built this show home at an 8% markup. This peaked our interest to say the least.

We offered a challenge

Our motive was only to educate the developer and prove that being a fully transparent builder actually works great! Everyone makes money while still achieving a great budget and a quality home such as was the home we were standing in. While having no idea of the cost of his build, we offered to quote project off of same architectural drawings, but do it at a 17 % markup. After about a week, After we had exhausted the hard quoting process, we were able to quote the home nearly $80,000 less than what the previous builder had done it.

The difference?

Our quote was a true budget with no hidden agendas or markups. We had even provided 2-3 quotes from different trades and suppliers on every line! This is our guarantee. No fluff, no hidden activities going on, honest quotes, process transparency, client sees original quotes and clients can follow scheduled process and project activity every step of the way through our proprietary PM software. This is the way everyone wins. This is the way everyone gets to sleep at night. So, do yourself a favour. Get multiple quotes. You need an apple to apple comparison to really know your numbers.

Don’t Fall Victim to the Trap, but if You Do

It’s just like they always said, “Things that seem too good to be true, usually are.” So, what happens to nice folks who fall victim to this trap? Unfortunately, it is a frustrating experience of constantly arguing with the architect and builder that they “told you” that these things were all going to be included. It is a long, frustrating road that can result in a costly mistake, a very big strain on all your personal relationships, finances and valuable time. It is for this reason, that we created our Client Control® model experience that is unlike any other. You’ll be happy you did!