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In-floor heating systems are a convenient and efficient way to heat your home. The wonderful feeling of warm floors on a chilly winter day will delight you, and you may also enjoy a smaller utility bill after installing radiant heat flooring. It is an especially popular choice to warm the flooring in bathrooms and bedrooms, but it can also be used for whole-house heating. A general understanding of the types of systems that are available can help you ask important questions and make good choices.

Efficient Heating

The popularity of tall, vaulted ceilings is one reason to consider an in-floor heating system. Electric or forced-air heating systems that warm only the air lose much of the heat as it rises to the peak of the ceiling. When you heat the flooring, the warmth stays near your feet and is not wasted. The slow, even heat that comes from radiant floors is consistent and keeps the space at an even temperature. Pets and children particularly love sleeping or playing on floors that are warmed by radiant heating systems.

Three Types of In-Floor Heating

There are three types of radiant floor heating systems. Forced air, hot water and electric in-floor heating can all provide similar results. Each type involves cables or piping that is added under the flooring. The system can be simple when used in only one room or quite complex when incorporated into a whole-house heating network. Installation processes can include wet or dry methods; the first is set in a bed of concrete, and the second is a heating system that is constructed between two layers of sub flooring. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, the dry installation system is the modern, superior choice. Your contractor can assist you with making the best decisions for your home’s layout and your goals for efficient heating of your home.

Professional Installation

The only downside of in-floor heating systems is the expense and process to install them; it is ideal to include them when you are remodeling your home or adding new flooring. Radiant heating works most effectively under tile flooring, as stone and ceramic tile radiate the warmth evenly and effectively. Your contractor can assist you with best options to achieve the type of heating you desire; please contact Alair Homes for information about professionally installed radiant heating systems.

Small-Scale Heating

Another option for in-floor heating systems is small heating mats that are targeted to heat specific areas in the floor. In front of the toilet, around the sink or next to the shower are popular places for a small heating mat to be installed. These simple systems are typically electric, and they are fairly easy to install. They can often be added to existing flooring by removing a small area of tile, adding the heating mat and replacing the flooring with the same tile or a new, contrasting material to help define the location of the heat source.

As an investment in your home, radiant floor heating systems add a great deal of value. The efficiency of this type of heating system combined with the comfortable, evenly distributed heat it creates is a desirable asset for potential homebuyers who are seeking high-end amenities in a custom home.