If Alair Homes is helping you build a new home in Saskatoon, then you’re in good hands. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate these great smart systems outlined below in your new home to help with organization and functionality.

Storage Bins

If you’re into crafts, ornaments, small collectibles, or any other items that are prone to being misplaced, it’s a good idea to get organized and place these items into storage bins to help them stay safe and organized. Larger items can also be stored, but finding room for the bins may prove to be a challenge. Storing larger bins under the bed, behind the stairs, or in a closet can prove beneficial for keeping these items out of the way.


Slim, vertical drawers that can be installed in between appliances, counters, and shelves are perfect to hide condiments and spices in your kitchen, or for storing gowns and other clothes in your bedroom. Take a look around your home to see where these drawers could possibly be utilized.

Bathroom Renovations
Photo by Alair Homes SaskatoonDiscover bathroom design ideas


Bare walls and areas around your front door are the ideal places to install shelves. The additional shelving can be used for coats, hats, shoes, books, or anything else that you would like. This system is fantastic for households with children that like to leave their items all over the house.

Labeling System

A labeling system, using text or color coding, eliminates the hassle of going through boxes and drawers looking for your things. Having a logical labeling system saves you time searching for items, and labels can be used for just about anything in your home.

Organize Your Laundry

Bins for dirty and clean laundry are not enough. You need to have bins that separate all of your clothes like socks, delicate garments, and items destined for the cleaners. Having this, or a similar system, in place will keep clothing organized while expediting the process.

Donation Box

Having a basket, box, or bin used to collect items for thrift store donations makes delivering these items simpler. Organizing old items this way makes it easy for you to pick them up on your way out, and drop them off on your way back.


Consistently having files laying around your house can be a cumbersome way to keep your finances organized. If this is you, consider getting a cabinet where you can keep all of your files organized.

Organize Your Maintenance Plans

All homes need repairs and touch ups sooner or later. However, the way you go about conducting these repairs makes all the difference. Having a planner or calendar handy can help organize your maintenance schedule throughout the year. Planning to clean your gutters in the spring, flushing your sprinklers in the fall, and painting your home in the summer can be easily planned by making a conscious effort to write them down for a scheduled date and time.

The tips above should help you create new systems for organization, but it’s also recommended that you use these systems as a guideline to create your own systems to suit your lifestyle. Either way, you should have your home organized and functional in no time.