More people are building custom homes because they want to live in a house that has everything that they’ve dreamed. From white subway tile backsplashes to home theatres, several amenities can increase your quality of life while spending time in the space. When you’re looking for the top upgrades to include, there are a few choices that will prove to increase the appeal of the setting.

1. Deep Drawers

Allow yourself to have more storage in your new kitchen with deep drawers that are installed to hold your pots and pans. Pots and pans drawers have extra depth and are convenient because you can stack the kitchen products that are used each day and eliminate clutter. You no longer have to be worried about losing a pot or lid in the back of your cabinets and can group like items together with dividers that are installed.

2. Wood Hallways Upstairs

When working with a company like Alair Homes Rosedale Toronto to build your custom home, you can request for hardwood floors to be installed in the hallways on the second level of your home to enhance the luxury of your interior setting. Although carpet is commonly used upstairs, hardwood floors can be an extension of the first floor and will also look beautiful if you’re planning on building a wooden staircase.

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3. Tall Cabinets

More people are increasing the height of the custom cabinets to have more space to place their small appliances. Tall cabinets look more attractive and prevent dust from accumulating on top of shorter cabinets that don’t extend towards the ceiling. You can also add a tall cabinet above the refrigerator to make the large appliance look flush and built-in with the rest of the walls and cabinets.

4. Painted Cabinetry

Instead of installing neutral cabinets in your custom home, opt for painted cabinets that have more visual appeal and draw the eye upward, which can create the illusion of a larger room. Painted cabinets work as the focal point of the setting and can make the kitchen look light and airy when you want a change in the design of the kitchen. Some of the top color choices for cabinets include gray, green, and light blue. Avoid choosing a bold color shade that you may tire of over time. You can also match the color of the kitchen island with the cabinets to make it look uniform.

5. Glass Inserts in the Cabinets

Consider adding a luxe twist to your cabinets with glass inserts that are included when building custom cabinets. The feature will add extra depth to the room and will offer a look inside of the cabinets where you can show off your dishes. Glass inserts are easier to include early on instead of requesting that your contractor adds them at a later time after the cabinets have already been built.

6. Sleek Tile

More people are choosing to install decorative tile that creates a beautiful print on the floor of the bathroom or the entryway of the home, which can look stunning and will make a statement. Decorative tile can even be added to a shower. Upgraded tile is also more durable and can withstand plenty of use to ensure that you don’t have to replace it in the future.