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Custom home building is one of the most collaborative activities you may ever encounter. The most successful custom builders listen, execute and lay the groundwork for cooperation among all the participants, the most important of whom is you. Besides working with the architect and the design team, the builder has to observe all the construction codes, your preferences and specifications, and budget, and the clock.

Successful Custom Home Builders Will

  • Listen to the clients’ wishes first and foremost. Everybody has a different vision for a custom home, and a large part of custom home building is paying attention to what the customers want. Once heard, the team works together to make it happen. There’s a fair amount of back-and-forth, since some elements may require compromise while others need a new, creative approach to implement.
  • Submit the plans you, the builder and your architect make for your home to the local jurisdiction for approval. The builder is responsible for making the changes the planning and zoning department requires. These changes could be simple, but if you want something out of the ordinary, it could mean a time consuming appeal to the planning or zoning board.
  • Pull the permits. Once all the approvals are in place, the builder applies for the permit to build the home.
  • Manage the subcontractors. In order to make the most of the construction budget, the builder will schedule subcontractors to wire, plumb and install the HVAC system at specific points in the construction process.
  • Schedule the walk-throughs. Not only does the builder have to schedule inspections with the jurisdiction after specific construction stages have been finished, the team has to schedule walk-throughs with you. These important meetings between you and the builder’s representative give you a chance to see and learn about your home while it’s under construction. You can request and discuss changes at these meetings and learn about the next steps.
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What Custom Home Building Involves

  • Responding quickly to customers’ requests for changes. Constructing a home is a step-by-step process during which you may change your mind about some aspects of the home or its features.
  • Selecting the construction materials and home appliances that increase the home’s durability and energy efficiency. Most of the time, you will participate in this process alongside the builder. When the budget is an issue, the builder will walk you through what your options are, along with the trade-offs for each decision you need to make.
  • Staying abreast of new developments in the homebuilding industry regarding products and techniques that increase productivity and efficiency. Many of them affect the performance of your home in terms of its energy efficiency and maintenance. While both are important as a homeowner, making sure it’s built to high standards with quality materials helps its resale value.
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Bottom Line

A successful builder like Alair Homes Regina tackles all the many challenges and intricacies of homebuilding in order to improve your experience and the quality of the home we produce. We listen carefully, stay on top of the latest technological and management developments in the industry to create win-win situations as builders and for clients for the short and long terms. Contact us to discuss your dream home, and let’s work together to make it happen.