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Regina’s sustainability plan is meant to protect the future, the long term well-being that comes from the choices we make today. This will surely either put Regina on the map or bring forth its downfall as our choices need to take into considerations both social-environmental and economic factors. Let’s join hands working together hoping for a better today and future that requires sacrifice, taking action, being responsible and collective if we stand a chance to make this dream possible.

As they say “if we want to know how to live more sustainably, we carefully flash back a centru ago.” The action that has to be taken may include making use of the facilities available in the neighborhood that may require us to live, work, play, learn and shop in one region. The other action that can be taken is just simply saving land for other uses like practicing agriculture that is sure to bring or act as a source of income and a place to get food. Opportunities should be provided for community and personal health and satisfaction.

regina is sustainable

Neighborhood Action Plan

The city was truly a sleeping giant that has now awakened with the initiative to take a more proactive stance in facilitating housing development throughout. This has helped the city in creating business for real estate managers as they are tasked with ensuring that families are set up with safe houses that they can call a home and build lives with their spouses as such the chosen city design contributes majorly to the benefits of living in Regina.

In developing a core plan or project that is all about thinking collectively about how to make things better so that it can remain a great place to live for generations to come! Here employment is on top of the agenda with several job opportunities to be created in the neighborhoods within Regina and also improving the diversity of housing types and their prices that are making them more affordable. The lighting project had helped in making the streets of Regina much safer than before with modern surveillance systems put in place to help fight and eradicate crime and enhancing the perception of safety in the process with that many families moved to Regina and built homes for themselves and their kids.

With that it’s inspirational and historical nature, Regina will surely capture your heart and provide you with reasons to return. Regina is truly a home for many hard working, honest individuals and families whose only goal is to contribute to the betterment of the town and the nation as a whole. Through their hard work, they bring about a diverse and vibrant community and pass the touch to the kids who are the future of the community and ensuring a lasting legacy for Regina.