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For many individuals, building a custom home represents a long standing dream.  When building the home, the services of a professional custom home project manager become incredibly important. The project manager enables special features to be chosen for the home, hires specific subcontractors, and becomes the point of contact for questions or changes that need to be made. At Alair Homes Regina, this is what true customization is all about.

The Responsibilities of a Project Manager

The basic responsibilities of a project manager include the monitoring and management of the daily activities occurring on the site for a customized home build. Once the building of the home has commenced, they serve as the contact point for the homeowners, suppliers and subcontractors. The training, experience and education of the manager are critical in coordinating and assisting in the design of the project. This involves the management of all the paperwork and permits, ordering the materials, supervising the subcontractors, hiring and collecting the bids. They must additionally make certain all inspections are passed, the provincial codes are met, and the lending inspections and mortgage process have the proper direction.

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The Project Manager and the Homeowners

The project manager is the person giving a tour of the home to the homeowners during the building process. As the homeowner walks through the construction site, the project manager provides the answers to any questions. This can be in relation to the specifics of the building process, or anything regarding the home that may require the attention of the homeowner. The construction manager listens to what the homeowners have to say, considers their input, and ensures the home is built to their specifications. The project manager is imperative to the homeowner, keeps them informed, explains the building process, and makes sure their voice is heard.

The Dedication of the Project Manager

The construction manager is dedicated to the project under their care. Many of these individuals have decades of experience, and they use their knowledge to ensure the homeowners receive their dream home. Once the construction has begun, most homeowners want to know what is happening. The accomplishments, details and nuances occurring in the daily activities are important because this is the beginning of their dream. The project manager is their link to understanding where the process is at, what is being accomplished, and when they can finally move into the home of their dreams.