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Have you decided that now is the right time to begin your home renovation plans in Regina or to finally begin your custom home construction project? These types of projects are significant endeavors that may take months of solid effort and a team of skilled subcontractors to complete. It makes sense to hire a reputable general contractor to assist you throughout the entire project, but finding the right contracting team to hire is not as easy as it sounds. At Alair Homes Regina, we understand that a few unscrupulous contractors have tainted the image that many local residents have of contractors. However, when you take a few steps to vet us and to compare us to the competition, you will see that our team stands head and shoulders above the rest. These are the steps to take when deciding which contracting firm to move forward with.

Ask Friends for Recommendations

Chances are that you know a few local residents who have recently renovated or built a home. This may be friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members. Ask these individuals about their experiences with different contractors, and prepare a short list of top contenders to consider. If asking for recommendations does not yield results, you can always search online. Reading reviews through Houzz, RenoMark, the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List is a smart idea.

Ask for Several References

Hiring a contracting firm without checking references thoroughly is a recipe for disaster. If contractors are reputable and experienced, they will happily provide you with a list of top references that you can contact directly. Ensure that these are references for recently completed projects. If a company provides you with a very short list of references that are many years old, this is a sign that they are either not established or cannot impress clients enough to elicit positive feedback from them. It may take several hours to contact all references that you are provided for your top contracting firms, but this effort is worthwhile.

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Inquire About Project Management

Regina general contractors may approach project management in different ways. Some provide you with a dedicated professional who will manage all aspects of the project. This professional will be your primary contact person throughout the project and should always have the answers that you seek about your renovation or construction project. Other companies rotate managers around to different projects, and this means that you may not have one contact person. Unless these managers communicate very effectively, it may be difficult for any one individual to stay updated about your project’s status and progression.

Schedule an Interview

After you have taken these important steps, you can typically weed out most of the companies from consideration. For the couple of companies that remain on your list, schedule an interview to meet with the manager in person. Ask for a meeting to take place at various active project sites. This gives you the chance to see how a project is managed, such as how professional and courteous the workers are, how respectful and clean they are with their efforts and more. During these meetings, ask each manager the same vetting questions so that you can finalize your decision about which firm to hire.

Beginning a renovation or new home construction project is an exciting time, but you should not rush through the important process of selecting a contractor. As you compare the options in the local area, you will discover that Alair Homes Regina is the trusted and dependable contracting firm that will deliver quality results for you.